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Telenor Free Facebook Code 2022

The Telenor Free Facebook Code for 2022 may be found on this page, together with further information and a demonstration video for our valued site users. Yes! By adjusting a few settings on your Android or iOS device, you may obtain free Facebook access with your Telenor prepaid SIM card. Telenor Free Facebook Code 2022.

Do you know that the number of people using Facebook continues to rise on a daily basis? The number of people using the service is growing at a rate that is thousands of times faster in Pakistan than it is everywhere else in Asia. People, particularly young people (both ladies and males), like making new IDs on Facebook.

Facebook is essentially an application for social media that brings people from all over the globe together on a single page. Your sole cost for using Facebook will be the rupees you pay for the amount of data sent over the internet. Yes! Before you can begin using Facebook, you are required to purchase internet packages. On the other hand, on this page, we have detailed a few methods that any regular user may use to access Facebook without paying any fees.

Telenor Free Facebook

Telenor 4G is the provider in Pakistan that offers the quickest 4G internet speed and has the most extensive network coverage. On the other hand, the daily new schemes are drawing in people from other networks to participate in this particular network.

This is the primary reason why, in comparison to the previous few years, the number of people using Telenor Sim cards is now on the rise. Here, we have provided a few codes and techniques that are guaranteed to function one hundred percent of the time and are legally released by Telenor authorities to offer free use of social media.

3 Productive Strategies

These are the three working ways that involve code and app approaches for accessing Facebook while your prepaid SIM card has no balance left on it. You just need to complete the steps that are outlined in this article, and then you may celebrate! Your free Facebook account will pop up instantly in your web browser.

  • Free Code Facebook
  • Low Rate Social Packages

Free Code Facebook By Telenor

In the year 2020, Telenor was officially the first company to provide a free Facebook code. Only free internet megabytes for the Facebook app will be provided when using the code, as stated by the experts on the network. Additionally, the mystifying distribution of megabytes according to the three distinct validities offered by this code is the aspect of it that adds the greatest allure.

Yes! Depending on the user’s previous activity with the SIM card, the validity of this code will be determined to be either daily, weekly, or monthly. There aren’t many Sim cards that get free Facebook for 30 days, but the highest amount gets free data for 7 days and 1 day.

Simply dialing *311# will activate a free Facebook account on a Telenor prepaid SIM card for either one day, seven days, or thirty days, depending on the kind of SIM card you have.

  • Offer Name: Free FB
  • Eligibility: Facebook
  • Validity: Different
  • Price: Rs 0
  • Code:*311#

Affordable Social Service Bundles

There are two different Facebook-related bundles available via Telenor. The first bundle costs 44 rupees, while the second package costs 75 rupees. These two packages each have a validity period of one month. The description may be found in the boxes that are located below.

A Social Pack on a Monthly Basis

Simply dial *911# and you can instantly have 31000 MBs of Facebook storage for only 44 rupees. Keep in mind that you need to deposit at least 50 rupees to your account in order to utilize it since this is the mandatory price after taxes have been included.

  • Offer Name: Social Pack
  • MBs:31000
  • Price: Rs 44
  • Code:*911#

Monthly Social Pack Plus

  • Offer Name: Social Plus
  • MBs:6000
  • SMS:10000
  • Price: Rs 75
  • Code:*660#

Last Words from the Author

When utilizing a prepaid Telenor SIM, we have done all in our power to give accurate and up-to-date information on the “tricks and codes” that may be used to get free Facebook or Facebook at a reduced cost. Discover all there is to know about the Telenor Apollo app right here. If, despite everything, you are still having trouble, please ask our specialists and leave a comment below.

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