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Telenor Faisalabad Offer 2022 SMS, MBs & Minutes

The Telenor Faisalabad Offer was made available to the public at the beginning of this year by the relevant authorities. This deal includes five separate bundles, each of which may be purchased at a special price and has a unique expiration date. Below you can find an explanation of every aspect of this package. Telenor Faisalabad Offer 2022 SMS, MBs & Minutes.Are you aware that Telenor has released a number of special package deals for the city of Faisalabad? These packages are, in essence, hybrid versions of other packages. These packages, together with their subscription, unsubscribe, check, and info codes, have been detailed in detail here.

Because Faisalabad is generally regarded as Pakistan’s third most populated city, almost every telecommunications company in the country has introduced unique service plans in an effort to entice residents of the city who use SIM cards. As a result, this city is regarded as a leading contender for having the highest number of subscribers. “Telenor” has introduced new Faisalabad deals in light of this very vital consideration.

Telenor Faisalabad Offer

You are quite knowledgeable about the fact that Faisalabad can be found in Punjab. The prices for the various call, SMS, and MBs packages available in the region of Punjab are quite low. At a cost that is not prohibitive, you have the option of activating packages on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis.

Because of this, we have compiled these five excellent bundles just for you. Your daily requirements for internet, on-network, and off-network minutes, as well as SMS, maybe more easily managed with the aid of these packages. Let’s get this “hybrid packages” list started for the day.

Telenor Faisalabad 2 Hours

Dial *345*20# to gain unlimited Telenor to Telenor minutes along with 250 MBs of Facebook storage space.

This is a 2-hour bundle that can be purchased for Rs 7 (equal to an hourly rate of 120 minutes).

  • Bundle Name: Hourly Offer
  • FB MBs:250
  • On-Net Mints: Unlimited
  • Validity:2 Hours
  • SUB Code:*345*20#

Full Day Offer

  • Bundle Name: Full Day Offer
  • MBs:50
  • WhatsApp MBs:100
  • On-Net Mints: Unlimited
  • Validity:1 Day
  • SUB Code:*5*250#

3-Day Plus Offer

It is a very unusual occurrence for a telecom network to provide a 3-day deal. For the low price of Rs. 69, you may get 300 MB of internet, 300 on-net calls, 25 off-net calls, and 300 SMS messages. Therefore, customers will be eligible for daily bonuses of twenty rupees after dividing the entire cost by the validity period. This package’s official subscription code is *345*91#, which may be entered here. You may obtain more information about the Telenor YouTube Package and code by clicking here.

  • Bundle Name:3 Day Plus
  • MBs:300
  • SMS:300
  • On-Net Mints:300
  • Off-Net Mints:25
  • Validity:3 Days
  • Price: Rs 69
  • SUB Code:*345*91#

Rs 135 Weekly

  • Bundle Name:7 Day Offer
  • MBs:1500
  • SMS:Telenor & PTCL Mints:1000
  • Off-Net Mints:50
  • Validity: Weekly
  • Price: Rs 135
  • SUB Code:*963#

Rs 450 Monthly

The final bundle is good for a period of thirty days and includes 500 minutes each for Telenor and PTCL, 500 SMS, and 50 minutes for use on other networks in addition to a one-gigabyte megabyte (GB) of internet data and two gigabytes (GB) of WhatsApp. This monthly promotion may be activated by entering the code *350# in the appropriate box.

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