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Telenor Double Number Telenor Smart Number Code

Using the espionage technique known as Telenor Double Number, you may get two numbers on one Telenor prepaid SIM card. The Telenor Smart Number should be activated on a weekly and monthly basis. Telenor Double Number Telenor Smart Number Code.

For all of those people who are interested in getting two numbers on one SIM card, Telenor has introduced the finest offer it has ever made, or as we like to call it, a “amazing spy trick.” Yes! Using the Telenor Smart Number service, you are able to load two different phone numbers onto a single SIM card.

Below, you will find a detailed discussion of this deal. In a nutshell, this double number offer allows you to utilize both of your numbers simultaneously. Because of this, if you have one SIM card inserted into your mobile slot, you may contact your friends using one number, and your family members using another number. Isn’t it the most amazing ruse?

Telenor Double Number

You have the option of activating Telenor Double Number on your SIM card for either seven or thirty days. There is a fee of PKR 10 for activation on a weekly basis and PKR 35 for activation on a monthly basis.

You will be even more delighted to learn that this deal is good for either seven or thirty days, and that you have the option to activate it for either of these lengths of time when you make your purchase. The costs for either one week or one month are different from one another.

Smart Number (Weekly)

The Weekly Smart Number Offer may be purchased for 10 rupees, and we have included a description of its codes as well as other relevant information below.

  • SUB-Code:*345*7700#
  • SUB-SMS: SMS ‘SUB’ to 6300
  • UNSUB-SMS: SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price: PKR 10

Smart Number (Monthly)

  • SUB-Code:*345*158#
  • SUB-SMS: SMS ‘SUB’ to 6300
  • UNSUB-SMS: SMS ‘Unsub’ to 6300
  • Validity:30 Days
  • Price: PKR 35
  • Offer Usage Charges

How Do I Make Use Of The Service?

A very essential point that has to be answered is how a call will be placed using a new or fictitious number. In the following, I will describe in detail the steps that need to be taken in order to initiate a call using a Telenor Smart Number.

Please follow these procedures in order to begin new calls using the second number:

Simply dial 77 before the number that you want to call or send an SMS to.
For instance, if you want to contact someone or send them a text message, all you have to do is dial 770345 (number). Instead of your actual number, a fictitious or made-up number will ring on that number.

  • The Terms and Conditions of Use
    This deal is available to be activated by Telenor prepaid users.
    After the length of validity, either the weekly or monthly activation will be removed.
    This deal is not subject to any extra taxes or hidden fees of any kind.
    Please check the official website’s INFO & FaQs section for more information.

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