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Telenor 3 Day Internet Packages 2022

3-Day Internet Package from Telenor (2022) – With the *32# code, you can get 1GB of 3G/4G internet for 30 days for just Rs 44. On this page, we’ve included details about the pricing, timing, subscription code, check code, and unsubscribe code for this data package. So, keep checking back for all information on the Telenor 3 Day Internet Package. Telenor 3 Day Internet Packages 2022.

On 3G or 4G Sim cards, 3-day (calls or data) bundles are highly popular. The rationale is that these bundles are inexpensive and offer a lot of benefits for a short period of time. Thus, these “3-days” packages are highly preferred by the public.

It is the major reason we have provided all of the information about Telenor’s “3 days 1GB internet bundle” on this website. There are two options for purchasing the package. Similar to rewards, there are two ways to check (inquire). All techniques and codes are described below.

Telenor 3-Day Internet Package

To sign up for the 3-Day Internet Offer on your prepaid number, dial the activation code *32#. The initial price of the package, tax included, is Rs 44. However, the user is required to load the Sim with a 50 rupee load. so that the consumer can successfully subscribe to this bundle after the GST has been deducted.

We must have been grateful to the Telenor representatives as we discussed the incentives included in this package. The network is fully aware of how crucial 3G/4G internet “data” is to users. Users will therefore receive 1000 MBs (1GB) every day for 3 days.

3 Day Offer Incentives

Here is a list of the bucket’s prices, incentives, and codes. The full process for subscribing and checking the remaining data is also described below.

Offer Name Telenor 3 Day
Data 1GB
MBs 1000 MB
Validity 3 Days
Price Rs 44
500 MBs
12 AM – 8 AM
SUB-Code *32#
Check Code *999#

Note: It is a prepaid net bucket.

1000 MBs (Timing)

Basically, the fact that this package has a 3-day validity period sets it apart from other bundles. But the MBs that consumers receive only function for a little period of time. Yes! The total amount of data, in this case, is 1GB, of which 500 MBs work continuously for the duration of the validity. The remaining 500 MBs, on the other hand, only function from 12 AM to 8 AM every day till the bundle functions for the following 3 days.

Total MBs 1000
500 MBs 24 Hours
(3 days)
500 MBs 12 AM – 8 AM
(3 days)

Original & Required Fee

This three-day net package normally costs Rs 44, however, in order to receive the index in the bucket, the customer must have Rs 50 in their account. The package fee and needed charges are different from one another as a result of government fees.

Total Charges Rs 44
Recharge Required Rs 50

How To Check Remaining MBs

The question of “how the subscriber” will check the remaining MBs of the Telenor 3-Day Internet Package in 2022 is now in question. It is really easy because you may find information about MBs using these two “2” methods:

  • Check MBs via *999#
  • Check MBs via “Telenor App”
Final Statements

Get internet access based on your own “unique” preferences and sign up for a 3-day bucket. Day and night internet access is available throughout Pakistan for less than 50 rupees for three days. Therefore, turn on this bucket right away and post your most pertinent FAQs in the comment section.

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