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Telenor 3 Day Call Package in 10, 15 & 50 Rupees Code

The Telenor 3 Day Call Package incorporates the following offers: the 3 Day Sahulat Offer, the 3/3 Offer, the 3 Day Hybrid Offer, and the 3 Day Plus bucket. All of these four packages are detailed below for your convenience so that you may make low-cost calls to different network numbers as well as those on the same network. Telenor 3 Day Call Package in 10, 15 & 50 Rupees Code.

On the internet, people often seek 3-day call packages, but in fact, Telenor has developed 3-day packages that include not only calls but also SMS and internet service. In addition, Telenor offers a selection of hybrid packages, some of which are good for a period of three days.

Telenor 3 Day Call Package in 10, 15 & 50 Rupees Code

In consideration of the costs, we have given these plans the names Rs 40, Rs 50, Rs 52, and Rs 60 (Call, SMS + MBs plans), respectively. Let’s start with the most fundamental questions about these categories.

Telenor’s Three-Day Call Package is Available

The list of those 3-day call packages offered by Telenor is shown below in preparation for our discussion of them today. Please keep in mind that the following call packages are only for prepaid subscribers who have a set validity period of three days.

The name of the 3-day packages together with the official pricing is listed below, while a summary of the essential information and incentives may be found further down.

  • 3-Day Hybrid Package
  • Telenor 3/3 Offer
  • Telenor 3 Day Sahulat
  • 3 Day Plus

3-Day Hybrid Package

  • Offer Name: Hybrid Package
  • MBs:150
  • SMS:150
  • Telenor Minutes:150
  • Other Minutes:10
  • Validity:3 Days
  • Price: Rs 40
  • SUB-Code:*345*91#
  • SUB-Code:*345*210#

Telenor 3/3 Offer

  • Offer Name:3/3 Offer
  • MBs:50
  • SMS:300
  • Telenor Minutes:600
  • Validity:3 Days
  • Price: Rs 50
  • SUB-Code:*345*243#

3-Day Sahulat Bucket

  • Offer Name: Sahulat Bucket
  • MBs:150
  • Telenor Minutes:250
  • Other Minutes:25
  • Validity:3 Days
  • Price:Rs 52
  • SUB-Code:*5*3#

3-Day Plus Offer

  • Offer Name: Plus Offer
  • MBs:300
  • SMS:300
  • Telenor Minutes:300
  • Other Minutes:25
  • Validity:3 Days
  • Price: Rs 60
  • SUB-Code:*345*91#

How To Check Minutes?

All of these buckets, which can be found in this location, are 3-day call bundles. As a result, we have simply provided the code that can be used to check the remaining on-network and off-network minutes. You may find out how many minutes are still available in your three-day bucket by dialing *222#. You can find the information and particulars on the new Telenor Easy Card 1000 below.

Call Establishment Fee

Keep in mind that each of these four bundles comes with minutes that may be used on the Jazz, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor networks. Because of this, the appropriate authorities have decided to charge a certain cost for each and every call made to any number. This price is Rs 0.13 for calls made via Telenor and Rs 0.15 for calls made through any other network.

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