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Telenor 20 GB Package Code *225#

The Telenor 20 GB Package has been modified by the official representatives of the network, and as a result, the quantity of data that is included has been cut in half. Yes! The 4G Weekly Ultra Plus Offer from Telenor has been upgraded, and the new price for it is Rs 240. With this offer, the network will supply 20GB of internet for one week, including 10GB from 1 AM to 11 AM each day. Telenor 20 GB Package Code *225#.

People often search for this bundle using the phrase “Telenor 20 GB Offer,” yet the offering has undergone a significant transformation as a result of a recent modification that was made in 2022. Despite this, the official subscription code for this deal has not changed in any way.

In addition, we brought your attention to the fact that, if you take advantage of this offer, you will only have access to 20 GB of internet for a period of seven days, including 10 GB between the hours of 1 AM and 11 AM. However, do you still like to take advantage of this offer? If Yes! If you want more information on this bucket, you should read the whole article.

Telenor 20 GB Package Code

This Telenor 20 GB Package is known as the Telenor 4G Weekly Ultra Plus Package, and it is a bundle that is valid for a week’s worth of service (7 days). This bundle used to give 40GB of storage space back in the year 2021, however as of the right moment, it only has 20GB of total data MBs available to customers.

Because of the recent upgrade, this offer now provides half the bandwidth that it previously did; as a result, dialing *225# will allow you to get 20 GB of internet access, including 10 GB each day from 1 AM to 11 AM, for a period of seven days. By calling the *999# number, you will be able to find out how many megabytes (data) are still available in this bucket.

Offer Name: 4G Weekly
Ultra Plus
Data: 20 GB
10GB Timing: 24 Hours
10GB Timing: 1 AM to 11 AM
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 240
SUB-Code: *225#
Check Code: *999#

The data have been cut in half.

Because of the high tax rate and the high cost of the maximum internet package, the total data has been lowered, as was described in the previous section. Therefore, if you call the membership code, you will only get 20GB of the 40GB that is being offered to you.

Half Data 10GB Timing

This deal gives you 20 GB of data to use over the course of 7 days, of which 5 GB will be available at all times, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the other side, the remaining 10 GB will be operational from one in the morning till eleven in the morning altogether (10 hours). Therefore, before you attempt to activate this deal, make sure that you constantly keep this time in mind.


Keep in mind that obtaining 40GB of data with 4G Weekly Ultra Plus is not feasible since the amount of data that is included in this plan has been cut in half. Therefore, get the 20 GB of data now to take advantage of the fixed cost for social media, video portals, as well as downloading and uploading. Visit the official website of the Telenor network to learn all there is to know about this deal.

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