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Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

Simply call *345*112# to activate the Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle or the Telenor 15 Days SMS Package, and you will get 800 SMS every day for 15 days for the price of 17 rupees. The 15-Day Economy SMS Bundle will allow you to communicate with pals at reduced costs for the first half of a month. Only customers with prepaid accounts are eligible to purchase this package deal, which includes half-worth months of text messages. Below you will find a description of each phrase along with its associated price and code. Telenor 15 Day Economy SMS Bundle.

As everyone is aware, Telenor has continuously introduced new incredible deals and packages. Telenor offers the most advantageous packages in terms of call, SMS, and data use when compared to its competitors. Today we are going to talk about a package that is good for a total of one and a half months.

All prepaid customers may get their hands on this legitimate SMS bundle for a half month for a price that is less than PKR 17. I will now explain how you may get this package for a period of 15 days.

Offer for 15 Days of Economy SMS from Telenor

Now for only PKR 17, you may send 800 SMS for 15 days. Only users of Telenor Prepaid will be able to purchase this package.

If you call 555 or enter *345*112#, the network will take PKR 17 from your account.
You will be sent 800 text messages.
This text message is valid for a period of 15 days.

Bundle Details:

PKG Name: Economy Bundle
SMS: 800
Price: PKR 17
Validity: 15 Days
SUB-Code: *345*112#
Status: *111#

Economy Bundle for the First 15 Days

Subscribe now and get this deal continuously for the next 15 days. With this package, you will be able to begin conservation efforts with your friends, members of your family, and other individuals throughout all of Pakistan’s local networks. However, you only have a short window of opportunity to purchase this package.

Subscribe and Verify Your Status Here

Simply calling in the number 555 allows users the convenience of subscribing to this package. You will see all of the bundles; all you need to do is choose this one and activate it. If you prefer an alternative approach, you may subscribe to a bundle by dialing the number *345*112#. Both codes may be used to subscribe to the SMS 15-day bundle at the same time. Follow this link for more information on “Telenor Wingle Packages.”

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