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Telenor 100 GB in 175 Rupees Code

With the Telenor Mega Monthly Offer, each and every member may take advantage of 100 GB of data for only 175 rupees for a period of 30 days at a price that is quite reasonable. Telenor 100 GB IN 175 Rupees Code.

Through the Mega Monthly Offer, all Telenor customers will have the opportunity to get 100 GB of data every month between the hours of 11 PM and 12 PM (30 days). Only the apna4g page has information on the most inexpensive and desirable data package.

The greatest way to view online videos, interact with other people, make video calls, and stay online for 24 hours is with Telenor 4G internet. Because of this, we strongly encourage our valued site visitors to use the Telenor 4G data plan. The bundle is tailored specifically for a half-day, and it sets a new low-price benchmark for internet service bundles offered by telecommunications companies.

Telenor 100 GB IN 175 Rupees

Simply dial *29# to activate the Mega Monthly Offer, which will offer you 100 GB of free data from Telenor for 175 Rupees. You may take advantage of this big deal at a price of 175 PKR. The fact that the promotion is valid for thirty days makes it even more attractive. However, you must take use of this deal between the hours of 11 PM and 12 PM in order to take advantage of the unique time.

It indicates that users will only be able to access Telenor data included in this bundle between 11 PM and 12 PM, Monday through Friday. The time of this bundle is different from that of other internet bundles due to these 13 hours.

Telenor 100 GB Mega Monthly

The *29# code will allow you to sign up for the Telenor Mega Monthly service. Or it is also available on the “My Telenor App,” which is why users are required to download and install the “My Telenor App” and are required to access internet bundles inside that application. After that, choose your bundle and make any necessary adjustments. With the assistance of the “My Telenor” app, you have successfully subscribed to the Telenor 100 GB Mega Monthly Offer for PKR 175. Congratulations!

How To SUB Mega Monthly Offer

To subscribe to Telenor Mega Monthly Offer to avail of 100 GB for 30 days for 175 rupees the subscriber has to dial *29# or download and install “My Telenor App”. After app installation, open data packages and select the “Telenor Mega Monthly Offer” from the list.

  • Offer Name:      Telenor Mega Monthly Offer
  • Data:                  100 GB
  • Price:                  PKR 175
  • Recharge Required:   PKR 200
  • Validity:           30 Days
  • Timing:            11 PM to 12 PM
  • SUB-Code:      *29#
  • Status Code:     My Telenor App
  • UN-SUB:        My Telenor App

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