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STC Ziyara 40 and 70 Packages for Visitors in KSA

Sawa Ziyara is here to assist you if you are currently located in Saudi Arabia and are interested in acquiring one of the fantastic services provided by STC. The STC Ziyara packages make it possible for tourists visiting the Kingdom to stay in touch with friends and family back home as well as those living in other countries. STC Ziyara 40 and 70 Packages for Visitors in KSA.

It is in fact a prepaid SIM card that comes with incredible price reductions as well as two more packages that may be activated if desired. I will provide you with a comprehensive summary of these bundles, including information on their costs, activation codes, internet data, call rates, text message rates, and validity periods, among other things. Therefore, let’s investigate these plans that Ziyara has for guests. There are further offerings available from STC that you may want to look at.

Sawa Ziyara (The Basic Package)

You may acquire a prepaid SIM card that is compatible with the fundamental pay-as-you-go plan for as little as SAR 34.50 (15% VAT is included at this price). This indicates that the sim card will have the following rates applied to its default package once it is activated:

Sawa Sim: STC Ziyara.

Local calls: SAR 0.55/minute.
0.55 SR will be charged per minute for international calls.
SMS sent inside the STC network will cost SAR 0.25 per message.
SMS sent to other networks costs 35 cents for each message.
SAR 0.35 will be charged for each international SMS message.
Easynet costs SAR 2.00 per megabyte.

STC Ziyara 40 Package

If you have a prepaid STC Ziyara SIM card and are searching for a plan that includes internet data, as well as local and international calling minutes for a whole month, then you should check out the Sawa Ziyara 40 deal. The following is an outline of the components included in the STC Ziyara 40 package:

  • Package: Sawa Ziyara 40.
    Price: SAR 40.00.
    Validity: 4 weeks.
    Internet data: 3GB.
    STC WiFi data: 3GB.
    The remaining amount for international calls is SAR 5.00.
    Local minutes: 20 free local minutes.
    Text the number “6705” to 900 to get the activation code.

STC Ziyara 70 Package

Choose the STC Ziyara 70 plan if you intend to remain in Saudi Arabia for an extended period of time and want to make more local and international calls in addition to receiving additional data and minutes. This is a visitor bundle that includes additional and sufficient materials. The Sawa Ziyara 70 comes with the following features and options:

  • Package: STC Ziyara 70.
    Price: SAR 70.00.
    Validity: 4 weeks.
    Internet data: 10GB.
    STC WiFi data: 10GB.
    International call balance: SAR 10.00.
    Local minutes: 45 free local minutes.
    Text the number “6706” to 900 to get the activation code.

You will get 20 SAR worth of free credit when you purchase any of the aforementioned packages. With this credit, you will be able to make local and international phone calls, send and receive SMS messages, and much more. Additionally, users are given free access to 100 MB of data and 60 minutes of calls to other Ziyara lines inside the Kingdom. You may get the SIM card from any of the STC offices that are closest to you.

STC Ziyara Sim Validity

After being purchased and activated, a sim card will remain functional for a period of one hundred twenty days before being deactivated on its own. Keep in mind that you may prolong the validity of the sim card by recharging it or doing anything else. However, if you want to remain in the area for an extended period of time, you will be required to purchase a new prepaid STC sim card.

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