Slow internet speed in Pakistan due to cable damage

Slow internet speed in Pakistan due to cable damage

The speed of slow internet speed in Pakistan has been declining for the last two days due to the collision of Submarine. In the sea with the cable ID of the internet in the sea which has caused slow internet to the whole of Pakistan. And it is slowing down the internet which is causing delays in business and other things.

With this, Pakistan Telecommunication has informed the people that the supply of our 25,000 km from Europe to Asia, has been affecting due to which the supply of Internet has been disrupting. This is a problem for many users as speed is affected

The Telecommunications Authority also informs us that we are trying our best to restore this supply. But now it has heard that it has been caused by a submarine but is still facing internet problems. Internet is now fully operational and the submarine and other agencies are working hard on it. And fully supporting it so that we can solve this problem as soon as possible and take the people out of trouble.

At the same time, let me tell you that this is not the first time this has happened. There have been similar incidents in the past. But now a lot of care is taken to make sure that there is a problem with this thing. So many important measures taken so that the Internet can no longer solve the problem. This will make you more careful. But cable internet is also very important because it has been working. Here for many years and its speed is very high due to which There is a lot more preference give to that. internet speed in Pakistan

Pakistan internet cable damage near UAE

Now it is clear that the speed of the internet inside Pakistan has become very low. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has made it clear that the cable of the internet is affecting Fujairah near the United Arab Emirates. Which How to run the internet is very low now Pakistan telecommunication is providing internet facilities from other cable sources. But it is equal to the non-availability of facilities but due to which internet speed has become very low. Now to solve this problem Requires several days.

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