Shahbaz Sharif 8171 ration available at utility stores

Shahbaz Sharif 8171 ration available at utility stores

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif 8171 ration facilities to the people for the convenience of the people in his last days, so all the people are being related to 8171 that your ration has been received, you can easily get your ration from any utility store.

You will get a ration of around 1300 in the utility store and the person who received the message from 8171 can get his ration provided that you carry your original ID card with you any item from the utility store. You can get your ration for the price

8171 Rashan programs

As you know that many facilities are provided for poor people in Pakistan and many Prime Ministers want to take some steps to make their name so that their name is remembered well among the people. That is why Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif arranged rations for the people in his last days.

As I have told you that you will be given a ration of around 1300 rupees or you can get anything equivalent to it, you can easily get ghee flour and pulses from the utility store for this. will have to contact any of their nearest utility stores and get their ration by showing the above message.

Along with this, let us also tell you that the ration that you used to get earlier will not be available anymore because it was Imran Khan’s program, due to which the new government has ended that program and launched a new program of its own. So that people remember their names and connect with them Shahbaz Sharif 8171 ration

Along with this, let us tell you that this program will be available only from the utility store, if you used to receive the ration from any other shop, this program is not for these shops. You could get it from the vendors who were Ehsaas vendors registered, but now you will get it only from utility stores.

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