SED Punjab Distribute Free Textbooks in Govt Schools for Session 2022-23

The Punjab School Education Department has provided the public with a notice about the textbooks. The most recent announcement indicates that the SED will be distributing free textbooks to government schools, and we are happy to let everyone know about this wonderful opportunity. Students in Punjab get their free textbooks for the next academic term 2022-2023 from each and every District Education Authority in the province. SED Punjab Distribute Free Textbooks in Govt Schools for Session 2022-23.

 SED Punjab Distribute Free Textbooks in Govt Schools for Session

To this day, the PMIU-PESRP has finished delivering free textbooks (save for Classes VI-VIII) for the academic term 2022-2023 to all of the tehsil warehouses located across the province of Punjab. Very soon, the remaining books will be sent to the warehouses of their respective tehsils. The School Education Department has already given directives to all CEOs (DEA) in the province of Punjab to oversee the delivery of books to pupils while they are on summer vacation.

Important Instruction About Distribution of Free Textbooks:-

The School Education Department issued the following instructions which need to follow while distributing textbooks. Have a look

  • The number of students enrolled in a school determines the number of free textbooks that are sent to that school.
    It is essential that proper documentation be maintained throughout the distribution of free textbooks to educational institutions from the tehsil storage. In a similar vein, the heads of all educational institutions need to be instructed to guarantee that proper paperwork is maintained for any free textbooks that are distributed to students.
    In order to comply with audit requirements, accurate records must be kept on the distribution of books coming from tehsil warehouses and schools.
    CEOs (DEAs) were given the instruction to provide free textbooks to schools that are a part of the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) and the PEIMA-PSSP, with the approval of PEF and PEIMA-PSSP.
  • The Chief Executive Officers (DEAs) and the Person in Charge of Free Textbooks are Responsible for Ensuring That No Free Textbooks Are Stolen from Tehsil Warehouses or Schools Within Their Jurisdiction
    In line with standard operating procedures, CEOs (DEAs) are responsible for ensuring that free textbooks are distributed to one hundred percent of the schools and pupils located within their district.
  • Before the beginning of the new academic year 2022-23, all of the work necessary to finish the distribution of textbooks to schools had been finished.

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