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SCOM Internet Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly

We have included all of the SCOM Internet Packages 2022 for the daily, weekly, and monthly plans. These data packages are offered at costs that are reasonable, and they provide the quickest possible 3G and 4G speeds in accordance with the service region. In addition, SCOM has introduced brand new offerings that begin at unbelievable pricing points. SCOM Internet Packages Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Due to the fact that this network coverage is only available in Gilgit and AJK, the majority of people in Pakistan are not very knowledgeable about SCOM. Because of this, this particular communications network is the only one that serves those mountainous regions. When you hear about the internet packages that SCOM offers, you will most likely be amazed by its maximal incentives and inexpensive pricing in comparison to those offered by other telecommunications companies in Pakistan.

Because this is the sole code that can be used to activate any bundle, remembering to “dial *111# for any internet package subscription” is an essential piece of information that you must always have in your head. Simply phone the number *111#, follow the instructions provided by SCOM, and choose the bundle that you want from the list that is automatically created. Because of this, it is the only place where one may activate any internet plan (daily, weekly, or monthly) or subscribe to any data offer.

SCOM Internet Packages for GB & AJK

Both Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir are recognized as mountainous regions inside Pakistan. These two provinces are home to a combined total of 465 different villages and settlements. One poll estimates that there are roughly 2.57 million people living in Gilgit Baltistan, while another estimates that there are 5.40 million people living in AJK.

On the other hand, Pakistan’s northern regions are the ones that see the most number of visitors from both within the country and from outside it each year. As a result, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Pakistan. SCOM is the one and only means through which local people and visitors may make contact with one another.

SCOM Internet 3G/4G Offer

These SCOM Internet Packages are designed for use with 3G and 4G devices. These bundles are broken down into categories based on their prices and durations of use.

Daily PLUS offer in Rs 29:

  • MBs:    500
  • Price:   PKR 29
  • Code:  *111#

COVID PKG in Rs 3:

  • MBs:100
  • On-Net Minutes:30
  • Validity:12 Hours
  • Price: PKR 3
  • Code:*111#

Social Pack in Rs 80:

  • MBs:7000
  • Validity: weekly
  • Price:PKR 80
  • Code:*111#

Super Offer in Rs 129:

  • MBs:2000
  • Validity:weekly
  • Price:PKR 129
  • Code:*111#

Monthly SMS + WhatsApp in Rs 50:

  • MBs:300
  • SMS:20000
  • Validity:Monthly
  • Price:PKR 50
  • Code:*111#

Monthly Pack in Rs 300:


  • Validity:Monthly
  • Price:PKR 300
  • Code:*111#

Gold Monthly in Rs 449:

  • MBs:6000
  • Timing: 1 am – 7 am
  • Validity:Monthly
  • Price:PKR 449
  • Code:*111#

Monthly Premium in Rs 549:

  • MBs:10000
  • Validity:Monthly
  • Price:PKR 549
  • Code:*111#

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