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SBA 2023 Guidelines and Schedule By Govt Of Punjab

SBA 2023 Guidelines for schools and teachers of the Public & private sector. Govt of the Punjab school education department recently issues a notification about SBA 2023. As you know that last year PEC (Punjab Examination Commission) will conduct a School-based assessment. Download all subject’s item bank of PEC 2023. Each school is assigned a separate login and user name to download this item bank.

In 2021 school-based assessment was from the smart syllabus. While in 2023 SBA will be from the whole syllabus. In primary school, the item bank syllabus is from SNC (single national curriculum). According to the school education department, the SBA item bank will from the whole syllabus for grades 1 to 5.

SBA 2023 Guidelines:

  • SBA 2023 item bank will be from whole syllabus for class 1 to 8
  • Primary schools will follow the SNC syllabus
  • Grade 6 to 8 paper will be from national curriculum of Punjabs 2006
  • Grade 1 and 2 paper will contain only Multiple choice questions
  • Class 3 to 5 SBA paper will contain MCQs and short questions
  • Grade 6 to grade 8 paper will contain MCQs short questions and long questions
  • Nazra Quran assessment 50 marks
  • For non-Muslim students assessment of Ethics/religious education paper of 100 marks

Instructions For Teachers To Conducat SBA:

  • Follow the instructions given by Punjab education department
  • Conduct the SBA paper while follow the COVID-19 SOPs
  • Prepare a sitting plan for the students
  • Talk politely with students during the examination
  • Keep the Examination room airy and well lighted
  • Answer the questions asked by any student
  • Never give answer of questions given in the paper item bank
  • Make sure the availability of clearn water in examination room

SBA 2023 Item Banks All Grades:

Grade 1 SBA item Banks PdfGrade 2 SBA item Bank pdf
Class 3 SBA item bankClass 4 SBA item Bank
Grade 5 SBA papers6th class SBA
7th class SBA8th class SBA
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SBA 2023 Guidelines according to the notification issued by Govt of Punjab. For more news visit the Home page.