Saudi Arab open flights operation for Pakistan after corona

Saudi Arab open flights operation for Pakistan after corona

This is big news for those people who are working in Saudi Arab. Mostly, people work as labor in Arabs countries. Due to covid 19, the flight operation was suspended by the Saudia government. Now they are going to open flights again for Asian countries which are including Pakistan and many other Asian countries. The ban lifts up for Pakistan and seven more countries. Pendanmic of covid came in the world and hold the world into quarantine. Now some good news is coming Saudi flights for Pakistan

Now the quarantine time is also decreased. Only five days will be quarantined in Saudia Arabia. Some categories have to lift the ban.

  • Saudia citizens and their families and accompanying workers
  • Diplomats and their families and others
  • Health practitioners and health supply chain personnel
  • Airlines’ crews and its workers
  • Fully vaccinated residents with valid residency Iqama and left the Kingdom on an exit and re-entry visa after taking two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine from Saudi Arabia.
  • Faculty members and the like in universities, colleges and institutes.
  • Teachers in general education and relate with education
  • Training Authority at the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation and training institutes.
  • Also, Scholarship students for foreign countries.

Flights for seven other countries

Saudia open flights for some seven other countries. Now, these countries have allowed direct entry into Saudi Arabia. Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Vietnam, Egypt, and India their flights will travel from 1st December 2021. As well as the facilities of umrah have also open for these countries.

This is great news for the people who work there. The people who worked there had their visas but due to the closure of flight operations for a long time. They could not go back. Now, this is good news for them. They have been waiting for years. Now they will be able to go and work there again. They work day and night and send some money from there to run their house here in Pakistan Great news Saudi flights for Pakistan.

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