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Royal Food Al Quoz Restaurant Address II Cuisine II Some Menu

If you find yourself in Dubai, you won’t be at a loss for things to fill your time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a native or a foreigner; in this city of happiness, it’s impossible not to get disoriented among all of the beautiful shopping centers, restaurants, and parks. Royal Food Al Quoz Restaurant Address II Cuisine II Some Menu.

The Royal Food Al Quoz Restaurant is one of the best food courts out of all these fantastic restaurants, and it serves delectable dishes from a variety of cuisines, including Indian, Chinese, Italian, and even fast food. As a result, you should put it high on your list of potential places to go for a gastronomic experience while you are in Dubai.

The Typical Price of Food at the Royal Food Restaurant:

The Royal Meals Restaurant in Al Quoz is extremely well-known due to the fact that it offers reasonable rates for its food. On average, supper for two individuals will cost between 45 and 60 AED. This should be plenty. Which makes a lot of sense for those who are passionate about eating.

Distinguished Cooking:

Dubai is a city that caters to tourists. Travelers and tourists from all over the world flock to this metropolis to experience everything that the city of Dubai has to offer. There is no question that foods from Dubai are well worth trying, yet travelers and ex-pats in Dubai sometimes become homesick for their own cuisine.

One of the most undervalued restaurants in Dubai, this one is open from the early morning till late at night and serves food throughout the day. They provide their clients with a selection of delectable foods in a variety of different preparations. On their menu, you’ll discover items representing the following types of cuisine:

  • The cuisine of North India
    The cuisine of South India
    Italian food
    Lebanese cuisine
    Quick meals
    Meal Services That Are Currently Available:

The breakfast offerings of the Royal Food Restaurant are what the establishment is best famous for. In addition, you may have breakfast, lunch, snacks in the evening, supper, and even meals at midnight. Whenever you find yourself in Al Quoz and you have a severe case of hunger, you should satisfy it by eating some fast food such as sandwiches, burgers, french fries, tea, juice, etc.

In the restaurant Royal Food Al Quoz

the following serving facilities are available:

For the benefit of the city’s gastronomic enthusiasts, this fantastic restaurant offers some very remarkable service options. In a tranquil setting, diners may sample dishes from a wide range of cuisines. Their offerings consist of –

  • Dine-in\sTakeaway
    Free delivery service within a certain radius of the restaurant, with pick-up options also available
    Outdoor sittings
    Indoor sittings
    Access for those using wheelchairs to the smoking and shisha smoking area
    A food court that is suitable for families
    Food of a high grade
    No parking zone
    No kid’s area
    A place to sit and have breakfast
    There is no upper age limit.
    There is no buffet service.
    Doesn’t serve pork
    We are able to take orders for parties.
    Outside dining provided by a caterer

The overall consumer feedback for the restaurant is mixed, consisting of both favorable and negative comments. Although the quality of their cuisine is fairly commendable, there are occasions when the serving of the meal is delayed.

The following languages are supported at the Royal Food Restaurant:

Visitors to Dubai who choose to eat at this food court while they are in the city have the option of choosing from a number of different languages, including:

1. The English

2. Urdu

3. Malayalam

4. Hindi


The atmosphere of this restaurant serving royal meals is one of relative informality.

The way of clothing:

Because there is no need for guests to adhere to a dress code while dining at this establishment, guests are free to come as they are and concentrate only on their food.

Payment procedure:

The use of cash and credit cards is permitted here. However, it is recommended that you carry cash at all times.

About Menu:

The extensive menu of the Royal restaurant in Al Quoz has a wide range of delectable cuisines and culinary items organized into a number of categories, including the following:


Dosa, parotta, poori vagi, idly set, beef, chicken, and egg items, executive breakfast, and other breakfast items range in price from 5.5 to 20 Dirhams, and breakfast products are only offered from 7 in the morning until 11 in the morning.


fried chicken and vegetable wontons, chicken wings, French fries, pakodas, spring rolls, and other appetizers range in price from 6 to 16 dirhams.


Soups such as mushroom, dal, chicken, chicken tom yum, beef noodle soup, prawns, palak and vegetable soups, sweet corn, hot and sour, and seafood soups will cost between 8 and 13 Dirhams each in this category.


Chicken items- 13/14 dirhams.


Just 13 Dirhams will bring you every veggie item, including dishes from Chinese and Indian cuisines.

Items on special over the weekend:

Items considered to be of a more unique nature, such as kingfish, math, sehri, chattichor, and coconut rice, will cost between 10 and 20 Dirhams.

Kappa Biriyani:

They provide the most delicious biryani at a price range of about 11 to 18 dirhams.

Filipino cuisine:

Items from the Sarshado, Pakisw, Ginatan, Sinigang, and Silog corners, as well as veg and special, will range in price from 17 to 35 Dirhams.


Prices range from 11 to 20 Dirhams for Chinese macaroni and noodles; 12 to 22 Dirhams for Chinese fried rice, chowmins, and chop suey; 13/14 Dirhams for Chinese beef; and 13 to 22 Dirhams for Chinese seafood.

Cuisines typical to Italy:

Club Sandwiches cost anywhere from 12 to 30 Dirhams; Shawarma costs between 18 and 25 Dirhams; Salad, Nuggets, Wedge, etc. cost between 8 and 20 Dirhams; Seafood costs 20 Dirhams.

Indian cuisine:

Things made with a chicken cost between 10 and 16 Dhs, items made with mutton cost 15 Dhs, beef items cost between 7 and 16 Dhs, seafood costs between 8 and 20 Dhs, rice pulao cost between 4 and 30 Dhs, vegetables cost between 7 and 13 Dhs and a paratha sandwich costs between 4.50 and 6 Dhs.

Lunch of exquisite cuisine fit for a king:

The price of a combo box that includes fried rice, noodles, and biryani is 20 Dhs.

Prices range from 12 to 16 Dhs for South Indian thalis and other specialty lunch dishes.

Quick service:

Burger products – 7 to 13 Dhs.

Lebanese cuisine:

Items specializing in Arabic chicken, mutton, and will cost between 20 and 35 Dirhams each, while the Nadan Special, chicken charcoal, and grilled hammour cost between 12 and 35 Dirhams each.


Prices range from 3 to 22 Dhs for milkshakes, ice cream, and lassis, as well as for fresh juice and soft drinks.

Some Essential Items in Your Kitchen:

The consumers’ favorites are dosa, biryani, and idly. Among all of these delectable foods and cuisines, they choose these three.

Nevertheless, if you are seeking a spot in Dubai where you may sample a variety of foreign cuisines while you are there, the Royal food restaurant can be a nice option for you to consider.


Al Quoz Industrial Area 1, Road 319, Latifa Bint Hamdan Street, Al Quoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates is the location of the restaurant, which can be found on the ground level of Great Hyper Mall, which is also known as the grand retail mall.

Opening Time:

On Sundays, service at the royal culinary restaurant Al Quoz begins at 7 am and continues until 12 am in night. In addition, the restaurant is open on the other days (Monday through Saturday) from seven in the morning until three in the morning, providing food throughout the whole day.


You may reach them by calling +9704 338 8977 if you have any additional questions, or you could also visit their website or Facebook page to find out about the most recent deals.

Questions That Are Typically Asked

What kind of food is most prominently featured in the Royal Food Restaurant in Al Quoz?

The cuisine of North India.

Does the restaurant at the Royal Food al Quoz provide buffet service as one of its dining options?

No, there is not any kind of buffet service available at this restaurant.

Does the Royal cuisine restaurant offer designate areas for patrons who want to smoke?

The Royal Food Restaurant does, in fact, have a designated smoking area for shisha.

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