Employee Salaries Increase 30% by Punjab Govt

We have some excellent news for the people who work for the government. The most recent announcement serves to tell everyone that the government of Punjab has finally raised the salaries of those who work for the government. According to the facts, there would be a thirty percent rise in the pay of government employees.

The discrepancy reduction allowance of 15 percent that was provided to federal government workers during the term of the PTI but was not awarded to Punjab’s government employees caused the employees of the Punjab government to wait a long time with great impatience.

However, at the most recent meeting, Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz approved a 15 percent disparity reduction allowance and a 15 percent ad hoc allowance for government workers so that they would be able to cope with the continued inflation and increase in the price of gasoline.

In addition to this, the federal government implemented a new pay scale for all the workers in the government sector. In the first place, the pay scale was amended in 2017 by the federal cabinet, and now, after 5 years, the government has once again altered the pay scale. However, the newly altered pay scale provides significant relief for those who work for the government.

The reason for this is because of an adjustment that was made to the pay scales, which will also result in an increase in their other allowances in addition to their base wage. Additionally, the announcement announcing the pay raise was uploaded on the website of the Punjab government. Have a look

Notification Regarding 30 pc Salary Increment:-

The Punjab govt also posted the notification regarding the salary increment. Have a look

Punjab Govt Notification Regarding 30% Increase in Govt Employee Salaries

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