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PTCL Smart TV Packages, Channels, and Details 2022

A supplier of internet and telephone services on a national scale in Pakistan. PTCL is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new service that goes by the name PTCL Smart TV for PC & Android and has 120+ HD Channels. PTCL Smart TV Packages, Channels, and Details 2022.In this day and age, having a TV cable service that is painfully sluggish is abhorrent and often fails to improve. Because of this, they now provide a brand new Smart TV service to all of their regular landline customers. In addition, you may place an order for this service by calling the support hotline.

Get PTCL Smart TV Connection

Getting your hands on it is a fairly straightforward and uncomplicated affair. Simply making one phone call is all that is required to have such an amazing service started at your front door. Dial 1218 to place an order for the newest and most advanced Smart TV.

Simple for Customers of Landline Telephones

Have you had a landline connection? Then the installation of the first half of your new connection has been completed, and PTCL will complete the installation of the second half of your connection upon receiving your request at the toll-free number 1218.

PTCL Smart & Web Smart TV Difference?

These two services cannot be compared to one another. It is fair to state that this service is quite similar to cable service; but, in contrast to cable service, this more sophisticated service allows its user to watch cable service on a computer, including a desktop, a laptop, or a portable device.

What Makes PTCL Smart TV Better?

The PTCL Smart TV has more than five of the most interesting and impressive features, which is why it is the ideal television for every one of us.

1: Taking a Record (Record All Shows)

You have the ability to record any shows, movies, news headlines, cooking recipes, instructional lessons, or documentaries that you like watching and would want to save. This is a fascinating attribute that brings it into the modern day.

2: Start Over/Start Over Again (Watch Previous Shows)

Have you not been able to see your favorite show? You should not be concerned since you now have PTCL Smart TV All Channels, which provides you with the brand-new capability to playback, rewind, and watch the show that came before it.

3: Parental Lock (Lock Selected Channels)

The brand-new function known as Parental Lock prevents children from accessing certain channels. You just need to choose such channels and add them to the list of channels that may be locked by parents.

Smart TV from PTCL There is English movie channels available on every channel. These Hollywood networks broadcast Hollywood motion pictures on a regular basis. In Pakistan, these movies are not seen as being appropriate for children to watch. Because of this, we now have the means to prevent our children from viewing these channels when we are not around.

4: Search Box for PTCL Smart TV’s Complete Listing of Channels

People often struggle while attempting to search for certain channels. Because of this, they have included a search box that allows users to quickly locate a particular channel by name within the PTCL Smart TV All Channels database.

5: A Sum of 130 Channels in Total

Yes! You will be provided with a total of 130 channels that stream videos of high quality and offer continuous service. As a result, you can continue to be entertained around the clock in more than 150 cities thanks to this service.

PTCL Smart TV Channels List

At this location, there are a total of 150 channels, and each of these channels was hand-picked from a different aspect of life. We have compiled a list of channels that include those related to the entertainment business, including news, children’s cartoons, educational and instructive programming, and the most significant cinema channels.

A Listing of News Channels

These are news networks that cover both national and international news. For instance, well-known news networks are specifically highlighted here.

  • Geo News
    Ary News
  • Samaa News
    Dunya News
  • Express-News
    Dawn News
  • PTV News
    Metro News
  • News One
    Waqt News
  • Aaj News
    KTN News
  • GNN News
    Hum News
  • Roze News
    Abb Tak News
  • Capital Tv
    Channel 5
  • PTV National
    PTV Global
  • Punjab TV
    Apna News
  • Waseeb
    PTV Bolan
  • VTV 1
    VTV 3
  • VTV 4
    Khyber News
  • VSH News
    BBC News
  • Sky News
    Fox News
  • Al-Jazeera
    Sindh TV
  • Public TV
    DW English
  • Bloomberg
    24 Channel
  • Aman TV
    City 42
  • PTV World
    CNN News
  • Khyber TV
    Afghan TV
  • Pashto 1
    Mehran TV

PTCL Smart TV Packages

Only two fundamental and inexpensive packages are available to clients from the provider so that they may watch non-stop HD channels.

  • Smart TV as a Standalone Device –
  • Freedom Package The PTCL Standalone Smart TV –

Freedom Package is the first offering in the 2022 Smart TV Package.

Subscribers to this Freedom Package 2022 will be given unlimited calling minutes as well as access to PTCL Smart TV’s full channel lineup. Customers who do not already have a broadband connection with PTCL are eligible for an unbelievable offer at this time. You will get both calls and TV with the purchase of this bundle, which costs Rs. 599 per month.

2: Smart TV Package 2022

Have you already established a broadband connection with PTCL? You are responsible for paying fifty percent of the whole cost, in addition to the monthly broadband fee of 540 rupees and your regular income bill.

Order PTCL Smart TV Box – Dial 1218

Simply dial the number 1218 to place an order for your brand new Smart TV and ensure that you will get the most innovative and cutting-edge television set available to your generation. To establish a new connection, you may also dial either 1236 or 0800-80800 on your phone.

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