PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package Price 2022

For Rs 2,355, PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package is offered with a Free PTCL Smart TV and GPON fiber optic connectivity. Yes! This is the sole opportunity to use PTCL’s unlimited internet for a set (cheap) price.

On the internet, searches for PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package are rather common. In essence, “internet bundles” with an “Up To” label are constantly offered by the PTCL.

For this reason, the PTCL 8 MBs bundle also includes unlimited bandwidth and speeds of up to 8 Mbps. This is the key justification; calling this bundle the “PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package” for 2022 would be entirely accurate.

PTCL 10 Mbps Unlimited Package 2022

The only trustworthy internet service provider in Pakistan is PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited), which offers speeds up to 100 Mbps, unlimited bandwidth, GPON fiber optic connectivity, and a free PTCL Smart TV App to watch HD channels.

In addition to all these fundamental elements (benefits), the PTCL offers budget-friendly monthly subscriptions. This page describes a 10 Mbps Unlimited PTCL data plan that is reasonably priced.

It should be noted that the “Up To Speed” feature of the PTCL 8 Mbps Internet Package makes it virtually equal to 10 Mbps. This is why we referred to the 8 MBs plan as the 10 MBs package, however, the actual cost of this deal is 2,355 Rupees, which is the PTCL 8 Mbps Internet Package’s official cost.

Offer Details 10 MBs

Ask the representative to install the 8 Mbps package at your house when you order a new PTCL internet connection today. The “up to 8 MBs speed” included in the 8 Mbps bundle will be converted to 10 Mbps on your laptop or computer.

Offer Name: 8 MBs Offer
Actual Speed: Up To 8 Mbps
Transfer Rate: 10 Mbps (fix)
Total Data: Unlimited
Validity: 30 Days
Price: Rs 2,355
SUB-Code: Dial 1218

Package Price & Other Expenses 2022

The PTCL internet bundle described on this page costs Rs 2355 in total, but this price is only valid if there is an active internet connection. Users without internet access must have previously obtained a connection through PTCL. The monthly data fee would be added to the cost of the new connection, which was Rs 5000 (the wire fee and installment). As a result, the sum of Rs 5000 + Rs 2355 equals Rs 7355.

  • 5000 Rupees (New Internet Connection Charges)
  • 2355 Rupees (Monthly Internet Charges)
Apna 4G Conclusion

Take advantage of the PTCL connection’s highest internet speeds in all major and minor cities with new and old connections that are offered for a set installation fee of only Rs 5000. The provided 10 Mbps bundle is also the greatest option for consumers who desire unrestricted access to the internet for high-definition streaming, rapid gaming, and never-before-seen downloading and uploading.

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