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PSL7 trophy is public to collect fund for Flood victims

As you know that Pakistan Super League final was won by Lahore Qalandar. And the trophy of PSL Seven is currently with Lahore Qalandar and that trophy is going to be made public. You know that there is a very bad situation of floods due to rains inside Pakistan. PSL7 trophy is public to collect fund for Flood victims

Now Akhot Foundation is trying hard to help these flood victims. Now the Akhut Foundation has requested that the PSL trophy be made public so that people can take pictures with it and those who will take pictures with it will pay one hundred rupees and can give more than that.

And at the same time let us also tell you that the CEO of Lahore Qalandar Atif Rana has also allowed the trophy of Lahore Qalandar to be made public. The Pakistan Super League trophy will be placed inside Lahore and so people can take pictures of him and him there. The people who took the picture will give aid to the people affected by the flood۔

Also let us tell you that those who want to take their photo with the Pakistan Super League trophy and this trophy will be present in Liberty Chowk inside Lahore. Because many people living in Pakistan wish to have their picture taken with this trophy and they can fulfill their wish. It is not too expensive. Please help them take a picture so that they can share it with you on Tik Tok. You can also make your own video۔

As you know that currently England and Pakistan series is being played in Pakistan, some T20 matches will be played in Lahore in Pakistan and many people are eager to watch this match. They should make their photo mandatory and help the flood victims

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