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PPSC Exams duty registration form download in pdf

As you know Punjab Public Service Commission is a well-known institution. All the vacancies are announced in Pakistan and the vacancies that are high rank or any other professional level are filled only through the Punjab Public Service Commission. It involves a lot of conveniences PPSC exam duty

In Punjab, the Public Service Commission has set up centers within different districts. Within these centers now they need candidates for examination duty. These candidates should be especially government employees who are in any school or college.

PPSC exam duty Payment

The following payment will be given to the staff per session.

Superintendent RS=1200

At least BPS 17 and above

Deputy Superintendent RS=1000

At least BPS 16 and above

invigilator RS=800

At least BPS 05 to 15 and above

class iv RS=500

As stated in the instructions above, the payment for one session for the superintendent will be Rs. If there are three sessions in a day, we will give more than three to twelve, that is, 3600 rupees. Similarly, the payment of the Deputy Superintendent has also been given and the payment of the caretaker has also been written below. The more sessions there are, the more payments will be made

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How to register

Now the question arises How do we register? First of all, you will download the form given below and fill it out completely, and then after doing this, you will send this form to the address given by the same Punjab Public Service Commission. Remember to get confirmation from your authority when filling out this form.

At the same time, let me tell you that the Punjab Public Service Commission continuously collects all its papers on Saturdays or Sundays, so it is a good thing for all the employees who are government employees in their schools. I work or work in college they must submit their applications so that they can do their duty.

At the same time let me tell you that the people of the districts within which there are centers within the Punjab Public Service Commission will be given more priority so that they can reach the examination on time and happily perform their duties. A system center is written on the website of the Punjab Public Service Commission and these centers are located in Dera Ghazi Khan, Multan, Lahore, and some other cities.

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