Phone Calls Load Shedding Announced by Telecom Companies

The federal government has increased the tax rates for a number of different products, including optical fibers that are used by telecom businesses, as part of the Budget 2022-2023. After the increase in taxes, then, the telecom providers cautioned the citizens to be ready for the load shedding that would occur with their phone calls. The load shedding for the Phone class will be similar to what happens with the electricity when there are no signals during the allotted times. Phone Calls Load Shedding Announced by Telecom Companies.

Phone Calls Load Shedding Announced by Telecom Companies

On the other hand, representatives from the telecommunications firms recently participated in a conference at which they discussed the higher tariffs and offered solutions. During the course of the discussion, the representatives of the firms noted that the government has increased the taxes on the import of optic fiber cable by 15%; nevertheless, duty has risen by 20%. The envoy made it clear that Pakistan’s telecommunications businesses had to overcome a number of obstacles. Now, due to the increase in taxes, there is a significant burden placed on the industry.

Regarding the existing state of affairs, the telecommunications businesses have expressed concern that we may lose worldwide access if the government does not lower the applicable taxes. In addition to this, they have said that just ten percent of towers around the nation are connected to optical cables.

As a result of all of these factors, the telecommunications sector proposed lowering the tariffs that are placed on the import of cable by up to 8 percent. On the other hand, the committee assured the corporations that they would pass the companies’ recommendations forward to the government.

We can only hope that the administration will treat this issue with the seriousness it deserves and find a solution as soon as humanly feasible. If this doesn’t happen, the nation could have to deal with something called Load Shedding after the electricity.

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