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Oman was near to say “Good Bye” to T20 World Cup

The International T20 cup will start on October 17th. This tournament will be held in the United Arab Emirates as well as in Oman. Some qualifying and group matches will be played in Muscat. But now the situation is uncontrolled due to the storm. A high-level storm became in Oman and destroy the many cities of the gulf country. Now, gulf ground is also disturbed and matches are not played at this time.

Oman storm damage

The storm becomes an effective way and destroys the cities. A high level of rain and fast waves of wind of 130 to 155km per hour. The rain diameter was very high and many cities were filled with water. Rain-affected cities look like a pool. Many businesses have been disturbed. As well as some death has occurred. At this time seven people’s death occurred people were found in the deep of the water. Much infrastructure harm was produced.

shaheen storm and T20 cup

The chairman cricket board says that the storm was as enough, if that came to the whole of our country then we can’t bear this. It is our good luck that shaheen storm moves to the east side and our cricket stadium faces no harm. If a storm come on the east side of oman then we were not alive here. In the oman cricket stadium, there will be 6 matches played. Oman team is also part of the T20 world cup in the qualifying round of group B.

Cricket stadium of oman

Oman cricket stadium was built in 2012. First, in this stadium, a club match was played. After that in 2015 floodlights were installed. Now ICC has decided to play matches in the oman cricket stadium known as Al Amarat stadium muscat. It is located in the center of the muscat city of oman. Now the stadium is safe and ready to host T20 matches of the world tournament.

This stadium is working according to the rule of the international cricket council. The test of all technology will be in the series between Sri Lanka and oman. Two-match series will be held at al Amerat stadium.

Oman and Sri Lanka series

oman and Sri Lanka are also playing a t20 series in this situation. This series ic contains two T20 matches just before the world cup. Now world tournament is ready and all teams have deadlines to reach UAE before 15 October 2021. Some teams have also reached the venue of the T20 championship.

Now the shaheen storm has turned his face to another side. The game of championship of the world is now playing here. All the situation is clear now and Oman will also play the qualifying matches in his own country. In the country of oman, many businessmen are working and its economy is excellent as compared to other Arab countries. Visitors like to visit this country. Many people also want a visa to oman. As well as its border is mixed with the united Arab emirates. road connection is good with UAE. Now games will be played in both countries oman and UAE.

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