Netherland upset South Africa in T20 Worldcup 2022

A very interesting match to watch in the T20 World Cup this morning, Netherland has upset South Africa and knocked them out of the race for the T20 World Cup semi-finals. This is the big upset in the final round of super 12.

Super sunday was enjoyable for the fan of netherland and in the same while they have knocked out the South Africa. I think this is the big big upset un the history of cricket T20 worldcup.

South Africa and cricket worldcup

In the history of cricket Africa have never cross the semi final and not play a single final either ODI or T20 worldcup. Unlucky africa is a good cricket team and they make a many records un cricket history, but badluck un the field of champion. It is alsi seen that South africa many semi final of cricket but never win.

After upset of Netherland, in the group B Pakistan beat Bangladesh and Qulify for the Semi final whiche will be played in Sydney verses Newzwland November 9.

Now Pakistan will compete with New Zealand. Pakistan has got a great chance to beat New Zealand and make it to the final. The first semi-final will be played between Pakistan and New Zealand. The second semi-final will be between India and England. will be played between