NCOC meeting about the educational institutes in Pakistan

In view of the deteriorating situation of Corona cases, an important meeting was held in Pakistan regarding NCOC in which many decisions were taken. One of the agendas was whether to close or reopen educational institutions in Pakistan. Let it be because, in the last two years, education has become very low, which is why the schools were closed. I have to stay. The quality of education has improved a little. Now the government wants the government schools not to be closed. NCOC meeting

An important meeting was held in this regard and many more decisions were taken in this meeting but if educational institutions are taken into consideration then it was decided that all the vaccines of all the teachers are done and also the students. The process of seeing the schools is also going on. About 90% of the students have taken vaccines. It has also been decided that there are children under 12 years of age who come one day to their school and the remaining 50% will be brought to school the next day.

Current situation of Omicron

Given the current situation, an important meeting has taken place in Pakistan today. The number of cases of coronavirus has increased in Pakistan. At present, there are about 35,000 patients with coronavirus in Pakistan. The situation in Karachi is very bad at present. The situation is similar in other cities where the rate of cases is on the rise. Follow it and keep your distance. We will use it to prevent the spread of Corona

In view of this situation, the government of Pakistan has imposed a lot of restrictions today. It has made it mandatory for all citizens to wear masks. It has also been ordered to maintain social distance and appeals have been made to all citizens. People who have not yet been vaccinated should be vaccinated against coronavirus as soon as possible to prevent an increase in cases of coronavirus.

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