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Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card Registration Online

PM Imran Khan has begun a new initiative known as the Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card Registration, which would give the functionality of all of the earlier Ehsaas services simultaneously. Yes! If you are a student who is interested in obtaining a scholarship, or if you are a farmer who is interested in obtaining subsidies on agricultural commodities, then the card that is shown here is for you. Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card Registration Online.

Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card Registration Online

Ehsaas offers seven different initiatives, all of which are doing very well and contributing to Pakistan’s overall growth. The Rashan Program, Health Insurance, Technical Training, Business (karobari) Karza, House Loans, and Agricultural Loans are some of the programs that fall under this category.

Naya Pakistan Qaumi Sehat Card

Send the number that appears on the back of your CNIC (identification card) to 8171 in order to register for the Naya Pakistan Card via Ehsaas. It is important to keep in mind that the SIM card you are using for SMS must be registered on the number of the ID card that you have already submitted on the official code.

You will get an immediate response from 8171, which will consist of an SMS notice with the following information: “we are processing your information, and in a few days we will contact you back.” Done! The application for the card should be submitted in this manner. Your name has been successfully added to the Naya Pakistan Card Registration list. Congratulations

Details of the Subsidy Items

Following is a rundown of the seven different categories of fields that may be chosen on the Naya Pakistan Card. Get your card by registering online or by SMS, and you’ll be eligible for discounts on the following products:

According to the Ehsaas Ration, twenty million households would get a subsidy of thirty percent on (wheat, sugar, and pulses)
Home Finance: Up to 2.7 million households, or 3.7 million total families, will be eligible for home financing.
Instruction in Various Trades and Technologies: Free education will be provided to 3.7 million individuals.
Loans for Businesses: 3.7 million individuals will be eligible for interest-free loans for their businesses.
Farmers who own 12.5 acres of land will be eligible for a loan of half a million dollars for agricultural purposes.
Every family will be eligible for health insurance coverage of up to half a million dollars each year.

The bearer of a Naya Pakistan Card will get free assistance for each of these essential services. Therefore, sign up now to take advantage of this wonderful chance while it’s still available.

Details Regarding Each and Every Card

To suggest that the Naya Pakistan Card serves several purposes would not be an inaccurate description of this card. Because of the one-of-a-kind service it provides, the user is able to access all of the Ehsaas features from a single location. Get a Naya Pakistan Card and register your identity in the Ehsaas database to get benefits in Pakistan.

Card Components and Parts

This same card now has access to seven different Ehsaas services thanks to the efforts of the Pakistani government. Because of this card’s basic 7-in-1 feature, you will be eligible to receive subsidies on household items, hospital services for all members of your family, special training for those people who want to do any type of technical work, loans to start a new business, special loans to buy or make own house, and get items on discount to start farming without any delay. All of these benefits will be available to you immediately.

Yes! You can make use of all of these capabilities with just just one card. The Prime Minister has given his word that he would improve things in Pakistan for the working class. With the introduction of a card that offers so many advantages, it is clear that the government has accomplished what it set out to do. Please use this location to check the status of the survey using CNIC.

Urdu Details (Video)

For the benefit of our valued guests, I have done my best in this video to explain each word and feature, including the fundamental information about registration and card use. Therefore, watch this video in order to get the Urdu language guidance and to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the principle behind this card at no cost.

Apply on the Official Website

When it comes time to register for Ehsaas, many individuals go to the organization’s main website. It is true that the most recent information and preliminary news about programs are shown on that page, but registration for all of the programs on one card is only feasible via the use of the SMS service that we have explained before.

The Terms and Conditions of Use

  • People will be chosen at random from the Ehsaas database by the government.
    People who are already enrolled will have a greater chance of getting a card.
    This card is free, and it will allow you to support seven different Ehsaas projects at the same time.
    All that is required of you is to send an SMS with your CNIC number to the official code of 8171.
    You may get further information by going to the official portal or checking out the official website of Ehsaas.

Note: Users of Android and iPhones may verify eligibility, register for the card, and see a list of participating hospitals by downloading the free all-in-one app that corresponds to this card. The software can be found on the play store.

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