National Defence University NDU Islamabad Admission Fall 2022 Schedule

There was a notice posted on the National Defence University NDU Islamabad website announcing admission for the Fall 2022 Semesters. The admissions that have been made public concern students seeking bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees.

Despite this, the institution has released a statement about admission to the Faculty of Contemporary Sciences (FCS). Therefore, anyone who is interested in applying for the relevant degrees may do so online via the university’s website. The final day to apply for the Bachelor of Science programs is July 10, 2022, while the application deadline for the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy degrees is June 22, 2022.

Having said that, the institution will also be in charge of administering the Entry Test. In the following, you will find a detailed listing of the NDU Fall 2022 admission Schedule.

NDU Islamabad Offered Fall 2022 Admissions

The National Defence University (NDU)Islamabad announced the admission fall of 2022 for the following different programs. 

BS Programs (Morning/Evening)

  1. Government & Public Policy 
  2. Peace & Conflict Sciences
  3. Strategic Studies
  4. International relations 
  5. Leadership & Management Studies
  6. Economics 

M.Phil programs (Evening)

  1. Government &Public Policy
  2. Peace & Conflict Sciences 
  3. Strategic Studies
  4. International relations
  5. Leadership & Management Studies 
  6. Economics
  7. Ethnicity &Nationalism

Ph.D. Programs (Evening)

  1. Government & Public Policy
  2. Peace & Conflict Sciences
  3. International relations
  4. Leadership & Management Studies

How to apply for NDU Admission

  • Visit the NDU Islamabad website to apply for the Fall 2022 admissions. 
  • Applicants must submit the documents in PDF Format with the application form.
  • Take the printed copy of the Fee Voucher and deposit the test fees in the HBL Branch.
  • Upload the paid voucher on the website to proceed with the application form further. 

NDU Entry Test Fees 2022

  • BS Entry Test Fees Rs 500/-
  • NDU GAT (General) Rs 1000/- for M.Phil
  • NDU GAT (Subject) Rs 2000/- for Ph.D.

NDU Fall 2022 Admission Schedule

Check the National Defence University NDU Islamabad Fall 2022 admission schedule for the bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees.

NDU Admission Schedule 2022 M.Phil, Ph.D. BS
Last date 24 June 2022 10 July 2022
NDU GAT General for M.Phil 27 June 2022 ——
M.Phil Entry test (GAT-General Passed only) 04 July 2022
M.Phil Interview (Entry Test passed only) 04-05 July 2022
NDU GAT Subject for Ph.D. 14 July 2022 ——
BS entry Test 19 July 2022
BS Interviews (Entry Test Passed only) 21-22 July 2022
Ph.D. Entry TesT (GAT passed only 21 July 2022 ——
Ph.D. Research Proposal Evaluation  25-27 July 2022 ——
Display of merit list 27 July 2022 27 July 2022
Classes from  10 August 2022 10 August 2022

National Defence University NDU Islamabad Admission Fall 2022 Schedule

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