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My Telenor App 2GB Free -Telenor Free 2GB Offer

My Telenor App Free Storage Space of 2 GB Download and install the My Telenor app, then sign in with your phone number to get your free 2 GB of data for the next three days. Yes! There is no cost associated with taking advantage of this offer, which is now open to all prepaid customers. The description may be seen below, along with an explanation of how to carry it out. My Telenor App 2GB Free -Telenor Free 2GB Offer.

My Telenor App 2GB Free -Telenor Free 2GB Offer

Do you know that downloading the Telenor app for the very first time grants you access to free internet on the Telenor network? If you weren’t aware of this fact earlier, you should be ready to make use of your free MBs now.

The procedure of gaining access to the internet has become simple, and users are no longer needed to enter a code. Yes! Installing the Telenor app and providing your phone number are the only requirements for registering with the service and gaining access to free data.

My Telenor App 2GB Free

Installing the app and registering your prepaid number may be done in the following manner. Keep in mind that in order to obtain free data using the Telenor App, your phone number must already be registered there.

If you follow these procedures, you will be able to use free internet for three days totaling 2 gigabytes (2000 megabytes):

  • Download Telenor App
  • Install it on your android
  • Now Sign In 1st time to register
  • Provide your prepaid Telenor number
  • Click on the “Sign In” button and continue
  • They will send you a “4 Digit Verification Code”
  • Enter 4 Digit Code and click on “Verify Code”
  • Click on “Proceed to Claim” free 2GB for 3 days

3 days free data
My Telenor App 2GB Free -Telenor Free 2GB Offer

Note: Only Telenor prepaid SIM card users can activate this offer. On the other hand, users must have their SIM inserted in their phones to verify the 4-digit pin code.

Get Free 2GB By Code

You have read that correctly, there is a second way that you can use to get free data without having to download and install the program. You can get more information about this trick here. Or, this code is for customers who already have the Telenor app loaded on their device, have registered their number with the app, and have used up the free 2 GB of data.

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