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My Telenor App 10GB Free Download 2022

Here is how you may obtain 10GB of free internet MBs for your 3G/4G mobile using the My Telenor App for a period of 7 days (weekly). Yes! It is a new service that was only just introduced by Telenor 4G, but many people are still unaware that it exists. Because of this, we have made the decision to provide our everyday visitors with information that is correct to a hundred percent. My Telenor App 10GB Free Download 2022.

My Telenor App 10GB Free Download 

On a Telenor SIM card, it has always been simple to get free internet megabytes. On the other hand, the network decided to do something unique and special for its new members this time. Yes! If you have just purchased a new Telenor SIM card, then you are eligible to get free access to limitless entertainment for a whole week.

The network has basically declared that each new SIM customer will be given a free allowance of 10,000 MBs to utilize. These free megabytes will work across Pakistan, even in the districts administered by the federal government. This is the mechanism that makes it feasible:

My Telenor App, 10 Gigabytes

The price of 10,000 MBs for 2G/3G/4G smartphones has just been reduced to Rs 0. Yes! This is a genuine offer of free internet service for new customers of Telenor SIM cards. Maintain your presence on Facebook and use the Internet without charge for one week.

The following procedure should be followed by customers who need to purchase a new Telenor SIM card:

Take the SIM card out of the slot.
Now, place it on your mobile device.
Now is the time to download the “My Telenor App.”
Because this is a first-time installation of an application on a new SIM card, you will obtain free online storage of 10 gigabytes.
These are weekly valid (7 days) extremely fast MBs

It is essential to point out that the 10,000 MBs free offer is restricted to being redeemable on prepaid Telenor 4G SIM cards only. Users who have purchased a postpaid SIM card are ineligible for any complimentary resources offered by the company.

Important Note

Simply said, you need to go out and get a Telenor SIM card and then log in to the My Telenor app for the very first time. Because of this, you will be entitled to utilize 10 GB of the internet each week for downloading and uploading content (including Google, YouTube, and social media). Your remaining free MBs will be removed from your account automatically when a week has passed. Here you may find information on the Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus.

Offer Eligibility

You are eligible for this offer regardless of where you reside in Pakistan, including Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and KPK, as well as other places that are considered federal territory. However, keep in mind that this new SIM Telenor APP offer will continue to be valid so long as the network does not terminate or ban it. Therefore, make the most of the free 10 GB of internet space before this free bucket is no longer available.

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