Multan sultan win his second match in PSL 8

The eighth season of Pakistan Super League is going on with a bang. Many teams are performing very well. Last night there was a great match, Multan Sultan defeated Quetta Gladiator in a very great way and won the match in a great way and got the first position in the table. Quetta has now moved to the last position but there is no need to panic as it is the beginning of the.

As you know that Pakistan Super League is considered as one of the best in the world, its matches are very fun to watch as there are great matches inside Pakistan Super League.

As seen, the matches that take place here do not have such matches in any league in the world and you will never have seen great matches anywhere in any league. Quetta Gladiator was defeated by Multan Sultan. Has won his second matchÛ”

Multan Sultan have become champions once before and they are looking like a great team this time as well. But if seen from the other side, Quetta’s team is also looking very good, that’s why Quetta’s match tomorrow was the first match. Eighth edition of Pakistan Super League is going on.

In winning the match, Rilee Rossow has played a very important role in winning Multan Sultan in the second match of the Pakistan Super League 8.

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