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MS Electrical Engineering Admission Open Fall 2022 FAST

Fall 2022 admission for MS Electrical Engineering has been announced. The top university in Pakistan is FAST. That rating and selection criteria are excellent. Students that attend this institution have the opportunity to study a lot. Students have the ability to study more in this environment. In Pakistan, everyone is familiar with the moniker FAST University. Future-looking research and technology initiatives began from this location. No other institution in Pakistan even comes close to matching this one in quality. MS Electrical Engineering Admission Open Fall 2022 FAST.

The Electrical Engineering Department and the Computer Science Department of FAST University are examples of the whole institution. The institute’s instructors are effectively carrying out their duties. The professors at this institution put forth a lot of effort and have a wealth of knowledge. In Pakistan, it is your greatest chance to get admitted to the MS Electrical Engineering program. MS Electrical Engineering Admission Open Fall 2022 FAST.

The MS Electrical Engineering Program with Integrated Circuits (IC) & System concentration was announced by the FAST university. Spencer takes part in this initiative. One of the greatest in the world is GS Microelectronics (GSME) ( The deadline for submitting an application is July 24, 2022.

GS Microelectronics (GSME), a silicon valley business, provided the funding. (
After the first two semesters of coursework have been completed, GSME intends to employ all graduates.

Info about the MS Electrical Engineering Program

An Electrical Engineering graduate who participates in this program gains expertise in a particular field. A thesis is often written by a student during their last year. This might be accomplished in collaboration with business professionals, with assistance from business specialists and a faculty supervisor from the institution.

A student may get an MS by completing either a 6-credit-hour MS Thesis or an MS Project over the course of two ordinary semesters.

Students often take four courses every semester. However, NUCES workers are only permitted to enrol in two courses per semester.

Award of Degree:

For a student to get an MS, they must have:

  • Courses worth at least 30 credit hours, including THREE Core courses, must have passed.
  • Got a grade point average of at least 2.5.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of engineering, like electrical, telecommunications, or computer engineering, that is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.0 (on a scale of 4.0) or at least 60%.

Selection Criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree Record: 50 percent
  • Performance on the test to get into NU MS: 50%


MS Electrical Engineering in Pakistan
MS Electrical Engineering Admission Open Fall 2022 FAST

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