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Mobily Postpaid eSIM50 Offer Sharing Experience

Due to a number of constraints, the exchange of data on the Mobily network was not feasible. The new eSIM-50, on the other hand, enables you to share your local data, local call minutes, and local call minutes with a different eSIM while you are on the go. In a nutshell, the new eSIM50 makes it possible to share data over the Mobily network. The cost of the brand new eSIM 50 is 57.50 Saudi Riyals. You may get one for yourself at any of the Mobily stores or outlets that are located in close proximity to you. Mobily Postpaid eSIM50 Offer Sharing Experience.

Today, I’m going to go over all the specifics of sharing eligibility, including what kinds of packages qualify, what kinds of resources may be pooled together, and so on. In addition to that, I am going to demonstrate how to turn on and off the benefits sharing feature. So, let’s get started…

Eligibility of Packages to Participate in Benefit Sharing with eSIM50

There are just three packages that are qualified to share advantages with your brand-new eSIM50 device. However, you are only permitted to have one active package associated with your Iqama ID while in the Kingdom. Therefore, if you currently have a valid RAQI, you are eligible for the postpaid 400 or postpaid 300 packages. You won’t have to worry about anything if you want to share the advantages of your plan, such as internet data, local calls, or SMS, on a new eSIM line. Having said that, there are a few things that you really must bear in mind. Please keep on reading…

The Following Benefits of the Package May be Shared

You are able to share an unlimited number of calls, minutes, and SMS messages as well as 100 GB of data if you have any RAQI postpaid 300 or 400 active plan on your eSIM50. despite the fact that your current plan has an unlimited data allowance. However, you will only be able to share up to 100 GB of the postpaid data you have purchased with the new eSIM line. Aside from that, anything that may be shared can be done so without restriction, and the decision is entirely yours.

Code for the Activation and Deactivation of Benefits Sharing

You may select the technique that is most convenient for you to activate or disable benefits sharing on your new eSIM50. There are two different ways to do this task. The following are the two simple techniques for exchanging data, phone calls, and text messages:

Utilizing the Mobily App

Get the official Mobily app and install it on your device. Navigate to line Managed, then choose Share Line Benefits from the drop-down menu. Now just follow the simple directions that are shown on your computer. You will be prompted to choose a limit for the amount of data, calls, or SMS that may be shared, as well as to input the recipient’s eSIM Mobily number. After everything is finished, a confirmation text message will be sent to your phone.

United States Standard Code for Benefits Sharing

Send the message “DT 05XXXXXX” to 1100 to share your local data, and send “SO 05XXXXXXX” to 1100 to share your local SMS messages. To share local calls, send the message “MO 05XXXXXXX” to 1100 through text message. It is important to take note that the eSIM Mobily number should be “05XXXXXXX.”

Sending the message “DDT 05XXXXXXX” to 1100 will deactivate the benefits sharing for local data. If you want to cancel the benefits sharing for local SMS, send “DSO 05XXXXXXX” instead. Sending the text “DMO to 05XXXXXX” through text message is the way to terminate sharing of local calls.

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