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Mobily Family Unlimited & 50GB Postpaid Plan KSA

Mobily in Saudi Arabia provides customers with a variety of postpaid plan options. On the other hand, they have only just introduced a new bundle that is available to both new and current Mobily users. You have the option of ordering a Family Master line as well as additional lines via the supplemental package. While the Master line will provide you with limitless internet for the use of your family, the supplemental line may be added with sufficient data at a cost that is manageable on a monthly basis. Mobily Family Unlimited & 50GB Postpaid Plan KSA.

On the other hand, this is a family plan that includes unlimited calling and 50 GB of data each month. In addition, unless you actively cancel the plan, it will continue to be automatically renewed. Anyway, today I’ll be going through the specifics of the Mobily family plan, so stay tuned for that! Let’s take a look at this incredible postpaid family package from Mobily…

Mobily’s Family Plan in Postpaid Format

You will receive limitless social media access as well as minutes, internet, and SMS at prices that are more inexpensive than ever before with the new Mobily postpaid family plan. The following is an exhaustive rundown of everything included in the family postpaid plan on the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia:

You will obtain an unlimited number of national minutes to use on any network in the Kingdom if you pay SAR 399 each month. A 190GB of internet data, which may have its capacity enhanced with an additional line if necessary. You will, however, be given free access to an endless number of social media platforms and applications, including Facebook, Messenger, YouTube, and TikTok, amongst many more. The cost of sending a single text message to any national number is 35 Halala.

In addition, for the low, low price of SAR 99 per month, you may add as many as 10 supplementary lines to your Master line. These lines will each have unlimited national minutes to use on any network in Saudi Arabia, as well as 50 GB of internet data to share with family and friends.

Permit me to inform you that the plan is available to both new and current Mobily users (only those with a postpaid subscription, however). Nevertheless, the consumer has the option of issuing a Master line and subsequently issuing several supplemental lines under their IQama ID. Only one Master line and up to ten supplemental lines are permitted for each individual client with their own unique Iqama ID. Keep in mind that anybody, Saudi or otherwise, may submit an application for the plan at the closest Mobily branch, office, or outlet location.

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