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Mobily Daily Unlimited Data with Social Bundle

I’m curious as to whether or not the Mobily network in Saudi Arabia offers any kind of non-stop internet pack that also includes minutes and social data. To put it simply, you have a lot of luck. Because Mobily’s new offer gives you the opportunity to get an internet package with unlimited data, free calls, and continuous access to social media. In addition to that, allow me to provide you with the complete information regarding the bundle, including the subscription code and the other details that are listed below…

Mobily’s Daily Package with Unlimited Data Transfers

Users who have prepaid plans may now use their internet data without any restrictions. You have the ability to activate the daily bundle as a prepaid user on the Mobily network, which grants you access to unlimited data, unlimited social data, and free 50 minutes to all networks. The cost of the package is 20.00 Saudi Riyals (SAR) per day. Sending the number “20” to the number 1100 will activate your subscription.

Within the confines of the daily package, you have unrestricted access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, YouTube, and Snapchat. Despite this, you are unable to share your data and social resources with other people through Thering, hotspot, or any other method.

How can I terminate my Mobily daily unlimited bundle subscription?

For your information, the subscription is a one-time-only purchase. This indicates that the subscription will not be automatically renewed. To summarise, there is no auto-renewal, and you do not need to actively cancel the subscription either. Therefore, if you need it once more on another day, you will need to go through the same activation process, which involves writing “20” in an SMS and sending it to the number 1100.

How do I check how much of my benefits I still have left?

Using a code, you are able to check how much data, social, and minutes you have left. It’s simple; all you have to do is type “4” into a text message and send it to the number 1411. Mobily will get back to you with a response containing all the details of the remaining benefits.

Permit me to inform you that in order to qualify for the package, you must first have prepaid service. Users of postpaid services are able to get the finest available plans for their line. You can discover the app that suits you best by using the Mobily app.

Keep in mind that an additional 15% will be added to the total cost of the package whenever you are able to recharge your line for it. The one-day restriction on the validity of the limitless bundle is in effect. Utilize the official Mobily KSA application, which is available for use on any device, in the event that you have any questions while downloading the daily bundle.

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