Meta has launched a ‘Threads’ in the competition of Twitter

Meta has launched a ‘Threads’ in the competition of Twitter

Meta is the company that own Facebook and Instagram as well as WhatsApp. In the social platform the meta is a good and very large company that provides social connections to the people. Now meta has launched a new application in the name of Threads

Threads is a social application that’s work same like a twitter. Twitter is known is a big platform of social media. Elon musk is the owner of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of meta company.

In July 2023 Threads is launched in the playstore and many other operating system. In the first day of launching of Threads, near about 5 million people registered in one hour. And there is aspect that’s there will be more famous than Twitter.

After blue tick problem many people are iritat from twitter. So they want this type of platform likes twitter. Some days ago Elon musk put a limit on free and verified account. Now threads have no limits to post and many other things.

The competition in the social media applications is on peak level. Everybody nows that in the age of digital the competition is necessary. So every owner of social media applications are attractive to the customer.

Meta is also providing many information and helpful material to the people. Mostly people are also used Facebook as well as WhatsApp. Many businesses are also working in the platform of meta form. People are connecting each other in this platforms.

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