MDCAT Test will conduct UHSand PMC will close

All parties have been informed by the most recent notification that a measure to dissolve the PMC has been approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan. Not only that, but in addition to this, they issued an order to revive the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). MDCAT Test

In addition to that, the National Licensing Exams, often known as the NLE, would no longer be offered. The reestablishment of PMDC will now result in the return of the previously used procedures. In light of the fact that PMC has been dissolved, it is also important to point out that the National MDCAT will no longer be administered.

MDCAT Test will conduct UHSand PMC

According to the customs that have been followed in the past, it is anticipated that the universities in each province that have the authority to admit students would be the ones to administer the provincial MDCATs. These institutions include UHS in Punjab, KMU in KP, and LUMHS in Sindh.

Now, with respect to the problem with the students’ fees, it is anticipated that either the price will be refunded or the same charge will apply to all of the different provincial MDCATs. In the following days, we expect that PMDC will finally put an end to any confusion that students may have.

MDCAT Test will conduct UHSand PMC will close

In accordance with the most recent decision, the MDCAT will be administered by the institutions of the province. In addition, the prior pattern and syllabus will be used as a guide for instruction in each province. Students will only be expected to study material that is included in the curriculum for their home province.

The MDCATs will be carried out using the traditional method of paper and pencil. Additional information and updates will be sent to you as soon as they are released.

All according to the most recent decision, the MDCAT will be given by institutions of the province. As for prior patterns and syllabi, these will be used as guidance in each province. Students will only be required to study what is on the curriculum for their province of residence.

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