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MDCAT 2023 Structure, Weightage, and Difficulty Level

The Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has made an announcement on the comprehensive curriculum along with all of the relevant facts for the MDCAT 2022. The recently released curriculum for the MDCAT provides further information on the organization of the exam, the relative importance of different topics, and the degree of difficulty of the questions. As a result, you will get comprehensive information about the MDCAT 2022 curriculum. Therefore, make sure you read the whole essay. MDCAT 2022 Structure, Weightage, and Difficulty Level.

MDCAT 2022 Structure

According to the PMC Notification, the MDCAT 2022 will be based on the following structure.

  • Question type: MCQs (Computer-Based)
  • Total Questions: 200
  • Duration of MDCAT: 3.5 hours
  • Passing marks for medical colleges: 65%
  • Passing marks for dental colleges: 55%
  • Negative Marking: NO

MDCAT 2022 Weightage

In MDCAT 2022, the questions will be from the following subjects according to the mentioned weightage.

  • Biology: 34% (68 MCQs)
  • Chemistry: 27% (54 MCQs)
  • Physics: 27% (54 MCQs)
  • English: 9% (18 MCQs)
  • Logical Reasoning: 3% (6 MCQs)

MDCAT 2022 Difficulty Level

In MDCAT 2022, the question difficulty level will be according to the following.

  • Easy: 20% MCQs
  • Moderate: 60% MCQs
  • Difficult: 20% MCQs

MDCAT 2022 Curriculum: Structure, Weightage and Difficulty Level

For the MDCAT 2023, the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has released information on the full curriculum and other pertinent details. The recently revealed MDCAT curriculum offers further details on the way the test is set up, how important various subjects are in relation to one another, and how challenging the questions are. You will therefore learn in-depth information regarding the MDCAT 2023 curriculum. As a result, be careful to read the entire essay. Structure, weighting, and level of difficulty for the MDCAT 2023.

The MDCAT 2022 entire curriculum and other pertinent information have been released by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). Further details about the format of the exam, the relative weighting of various topics, and the level of difficulty of the questions are provided in the recently released MDCAT curriculum. As a result, you will learn in-depth details regarding the MDCAT 2023 course of study. So make sure you read the entire essay. MDCAT 2023’s structure, weighting, and level of difficulty.

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