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List of Driving Violations and Fines by MOI Qatar 2022

In Qatar, the imposition of penalties has become the norm. In the event that you disregard certain regulations regarding traffic, you will be subject to a fine. In the event that, despite your best efforts, you are unable to pay the fine by the specified date. After then, the amount of the fine may be increased, you wouldn’t be allowed to move from one city to the next, and you wouldn’t be able to go anywhere at all. Because of this, it is very necessary to monitor traffic in Qatar and make payments at the appropriate times.

This page provides an overview of driving crimes in Qatar along with the associated penalties that have been provided by the Ministry of the Interior. Please make sure that you adhere to these guidelines so that you may avoid accidents and additional burdens. Posted.

For the sake of your awareness and health, every single motorist in Qatar needs to be familiar with this rundown. It is not at all a sensible idea to drive in Qatar without being familiar with the local driving laws, both for your own car and other vehicles.

Qatar Traffic Violation and Fines List

driving a car that isn’t registered. QR.3000 2

2 Alter the color or condition of the license plates without permission, modify the details, or move or replace them. QR.1500 3

3 Operating a car without a license plate QR.3000 3

4 Operating a vehicle when its license hasn’t been reinstated. QR.1500 Nil

5 Refusing to display the sticker proving the validity date of the vehicle permit in a visible location on the vehicle or failing to do so when asked. QR.300 1

6 It is legal for vehicles with business license plates or regular license plates to be properly attached without a vehicle or without the permission of a person who is not authorized to operate that vehicle. QR.500 Nil

7 Using temporary (“testing”) license plates for prohibited activities. QR.500 Nil

8 Using license plates in prohibited circumstances QR.500 Nil

9 Failing to promptly notify the licensing authority of any misfortune or damage to one or both number plates QR.500 2

10 Refusal to return the license plates to the issuing authority when the vehicle is not in use, when the vehicle permit is not reinstated within the specified time frame, when the vehicle is not substantial for use, when the applicant is requesting the cancellation of the registration, or when the vehicle may travel abroad. QR.500 Nil

11 The motorist fails to carry their license while driving and fails to provide it when asked by the police QR.500 1.

12 Operating a car without a valid driver’s license. QR.1500 Nil

13 The driving instructor doesn’t follow the rules and regulations pertaining to driving lessons, the student doesn’t get a learning grant during driving exercises, or the instruction isn’t provided in accordance with the police. QR.300 Nil

14 If the owner of the vehicle fails to notify the licensing authority of the loss or damage to the Registration Card (RC/Vehicle License), refuses to accept another one in place of the lost or damaged RC, or if the person in possession of the RC fails to return to the licensing authority. QR.500 Nil

15 Failing to notify the Traffic Department within ten days of any changes to the owner’s name, ethnicity, ID number, address, or place of residence. QR.500 Nil

16 If the vehicle’s new owner doesn’t notify the licensing authority of the change in ownership within three days after the ownership change, the change will not be recorded in a hard copy. QR.500 Nil

17 If the owner doesn’t inform the licensing authority of the change in ownership of the vehicle within three days, it will be recorded as a hard copy with the details and address of the new owner. QR.500 Nil

18 Any modification to the vehicle’s use or any essential component of it constitutes changing the vehicle registration information without the written authorization of the licensing authority. QR.3000 3

19 Using the vehicle for promotional purposes or writing, painting, or applying unlawful intricacies to any part of the vehicle or its body without the written consent of any authorizing authority QR.500 Nil

20 When license plates are revoked or not renewed, do not send business license plates, trial license plates, or short number plates back to the licensing authority. QR.500 Nil

21 If a driver of a vehicle moves from a back street toward a roadway, enters or exits a location near to the street, does a U-turn, or otherwise disrupts the traffic without taking the precautions advised by law. QR.500 1

22 Turning a vehicle at a crossing or on the main roadway other than in an emergency is prohibited by QR 1500 3

Driving the wrong way 23 QR.6000 6

24 Driving QR.500 1 does not include following the route on the main section of the roadway.

25 If the drivers of trucks, load vehicles, trailers, and semi-trailers don’t move onto the right side of the road or disrespect other vehicles, then transport vehicles (considered as a whole), transports, will be considered. QR.3000 1

26 if the motorist disregards the law’s recommendations and moves off the right side of the road. QR.500 1

27 Conduct driving exercises or operate a driving school without the Licensing Authority’s permission QR.3000 Nill

28 Businesses that operate their operations without first obtaining business permission from the licensing authorities. These businesses may be car rental offices, organizations, automobile show locations, or workshops. QR.3000 Nil

29 Failing to notify the holder of the driver’s permit as soon as possible of any misfortune, damage, or incapacity to return to the authorizing authority, if any, during rush hour congestion or the nearest traffic office QR.300 Nil

30 Obtaining or using more than one driver’s license of the same kind, allowing someone to use it unlawfully, using it to improve your driving privileges, or using or tolerating another person’s license, with the exception of where required by law. QR.500 Nil

31 If the driver doesn’t manage the vehicle’s speed, he or she must adjust it in accordance with the road’s condition, the vehicle’s condition, its load, and the weather, which helps to stop or slow down the speed when necessary. QR.300 Nil

32 If the cruiser doesn’t slow down while entering sidewalks, blocked areas, curves, bends, intersections, traffic circles, extensions, underpasses, or areas near schools or medical facilities, it will ensure street safety. QR.300 Nil

33 pursuing the greatest distance on the route. 500.00 riyals

Up to a maximum of 1,000 QR, it is sped up by 100 QR for every 10 km/h. 4

34 driving on a prohibited street or allowing another person to do so without the written consent of the granting authority. QR.500 Nil

35 If the rider of a motorcycle or cyclist doesn’t use both hands to grasp the handlebars unless it’s necessary for them to physically discern road signs, when they are holding another vehicle while operating it, or if they are behind the wheel. Riding a handcart or trying to push, pull, transport, or pull objects might impede traffic or put you or others in danger QR. 1500 Nil

36 If riders, passengers, and passengers seated in a backward position are not wearing helmets. QR.300 Nil

37 if riders, passengers, and visitors to the second lounge do not have helmets. QR.300 Nil

38 if the rider of the motorcycle does not maintain a lane. QR.300 1

39 Where riding where there is no designated way for two-wheeled bikes or when there are no bike paths, it is illegal for one cyclist to travel on the right side of the main street or to ride behind another bicycle. QR.300 Nil

40 If a driver of a car stops, makes a turn, or drives on a traffic island in a certain area of the road. QR.6000 3

41 Driving a vehicle that disturbs the peace, damages the environment, damages the road, makes loud, thick, awful smoke, holes of flammable materials, or drives without suitable quietness QR.300 3

42 Operating a vehicle while being prevented from doing so by an official decision Q1500 3

43 Use a vehicle different than the one listed in the enrollment authentication or vehicle permit or authorize someone else to do so QR.3000 3

44 installation of directional signs, advertisements, signage gadgets, or traffic gadgets that may confuse other street users or reduce the permeability or effect of the original signs put up by the traffic office. QR.1000 1

45 The driver is seen using a mobile phone or another device while driving, is observed viewing anything on the TV seat while driving, or is observed operating a vehicle while operating a child under the age of ten. The front seat is available for use. QR.500 Nil

46 If the motorist and passenger in front fail to use a safety belt while operating a vehicle on the road, QR.500 will apply. Nil

47 Don’t provide a sufficient amount of time and a suitable indication (blinker) to moderate down QR. 300 Nil.

48 Sudden slowing down without an emergency to ensure the safety and well-being of pedestrians on the road QR.300 Nil

49 Unreasonably slow driving may result in traffic jams for no apparent reason. QR.300 3

50 Failing to notify the Licensing Authority as soon as possible of any injury or misfortune to either of the number plates QR.5000 2

51 if, in the event of an accident, the driver refuses to provide the traffic police with his or her identity and address or those of the owner of the car. QR.500 1

52 If the driver is not hurt in an accident while operating the vehicle (driving), he or she must immediately report the incident to the authorities or move the car to the next service road (safe area). QR.1000 3

53 If emergency vehicle operators (police, internal security, common defense, and rescue vehicles) use the alarm without an emergency. QR.200 1

54 not making the necessary number of gestures toward drivers. QR.200 Nil

If the motorist rejects any of the aforementioned guidelines, 55

Allow enough space between him and the car in front of him, pay attention to the signs on that vehicle, and don’t budge except to the side.

Avoid overtaking on dark surfaces, steep turns, curve spans, curves, walkways, and in areas where traffic lights forbid overtaking.

When passing another car, try to maintain a steady pace.

When the truth is unclear, try to resist withdrawing.

Avoid using your alarms to overpower ambulances, common protection, police cars, and interior security while they are responding to emergency calls.

Don’t knock down automobiles carrying students in your area.

Follow the directions provided by the Licensing Authority as shown on the government’s street signage.

allowing crisis vehicles to pass while carrying out crisis duties (police, security, common protection, and emergency vehicles)

When emergency vehicles must pass, immediately exit the road at intersections or crossing points.

Keep a gap of at least 50 meters and try not to follow emergency vehicles QR.500 Nil

56 If drivers fail to provide a route to legitimate parades or comparable bands, or if drivers or pedestrians seek to join the procession, impede its growth, and participate in it in any way. Do it, approach it, or pursue it. QR.500 Nil

57 If pedestrians cross the main portion of the street from a certain location without according to the instructions, they risk getting into trouble.

pedestrian intersections

When the cops let the car leave, try to avoid crossing the street.

Avoid blending in with a network of sensors or organized groups that are controlled by a competent person; all walks are allowed.

Observe traffic regulations and signage QR.500 Nil

58 When crossing the main area of the road, pedestrians run the danger of being injured if they don’t take precautions.

59 If there are walkways, pedestrians should stay on the main portion of the roadway and avoid walking in the opposite direction of moving cars in areas designated for two vehicles or on the right or left side of the main street. if there are no accessible paths. When they run the risk of being hit by cars traveling in the other direction, when they leave the obscene roadside that is against the direction of their growth, or when someone has a high recurrence does not adhere While traveling outside of the city, QR.100 Nill

Driving dump trucks, tractors, and other vehicles on roads where they are not allowed under QR.3000 3

61 To go outside between dark and dawn or when visibility is poor due to unfavorable weather throughout the day without looking at the surrounding lights

There isn’t a red light in front of the car. Under normal circumstances, yellow light in the fog is insufficient, while white light is sufficient.

62 Men and animals are required to drive from dawn to dusk due to the miserable weather during the day or time. To

These lights, which will be standard white at the front and red at the rear, will be used to clearly signal the presence of a moving vehicle. QR.300 Nil

63 Motorcycles or motorcycles traveling without using the accompanying lights between nightfall and dawn or when visibility is reduced due to bad weather throughout the day.

Motorcycle taillights, side lights, or cruiser or bicycle front riding light bulbs

The motorcycle’s reflector is located at the back. QR.300 Nil

64 Driving outside between night and dawn due to daytime weather circumstances or without using the accompanying lights

When the car is abandoned, faint pillars, two taillights, rear number plate lights, and high bar/haze lights are not allowed.

When approaching the vehicle from the other way, fade the high shaft/haze lights on the low bar. QR.500 Nil

65 Paint a car window using any method without the licensing authority’s approval QR.1000 Nil

66 Use a focal shaft or haze lights to illuminate the front or rear of the car, unless the weather calls for this kind of illumination. QR.500 1

67 Install or make use of horns, light fixtures, or similar devices that are only intended for police, general guard, or emergency vehicles without the written consent of the licensing authority. QR.1000 1

68 Install or make use of melodic or air horns. QR.300 1

69 Drivers only honk their horns in situations when there is an immediate threat. QR.300 1

70 Operating a vehicle without a working horn while it is in motion. QR.300 1

71 Parking in non-connected areas and pausing QR.300 3

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