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Lahore Qalandar becomes the champion for the first time

Pakistan’s best cricket league Pakistan Super League has come to an end and let me tell you that Lahore Qalandar has become the first champion. Lahore Qalandar has won the championship for the first time in the history of the Pakistan Super League by defeating Multan Sultan in the final. It had not won before. Has given a gift to the people

Lahore Qalandar performance

Let me tell you here that the performance of Lahore Qalandar was very high. In the beginning, Lahore Qalandar was gone because Fakhrazman was already out which made the Lahore team feel that he is not a big total. But later Mohammad Hafeez did not give what kind of performances would be remembered in history. He played 69 runs of fantastic innings.

David wiese and Brook at the end

At the start of the innings, the Lahore qalandar gets into trouble. In the same, while the batting continues the performance increases by the batsman. In the last three overs, England batsman Harry brook played a fantastic inning. With brook, David Wiese also played beautiful cricket. David Wiese scores 28 runs in just 8 balls. He has also played a vital role in winning the match of Lahore qalandar.

Lahore qalandars prizes

In the final game of the PSL, the team qalanders gets major prizes. The player of Lahore qalandar fakhar zaman gets batter of the tournament means the best batsman in the league. As well at the end, Mr. Rana announces the iPhone 13 pro max for all of the plays of Lahore qalanders. And as well as a gift of cars to fakhar zaman and Shaheen Shah Afridi.

As you know that Pakistan super league is the best league in the world has come to an end. And its best player on the team was Muhammad Rizwan. Rizwan is a good player and captain of Multan Sultan. As well many international players get enjoyed this league.