KPK Govt Employees Salaries and Pension Increased in Budget 2022-23

During the presentation of the KPK Government’s Budget for the Fiscal Year 2022-2023, the KPK Government also announced increases in the wages and pensions of government workers. According to the information provided, the KP Government raised the salary of government personnel by a percentage equal to sixteen percent. KPK Govt Employees Salaries

On the other hand, the administration also stated that pensions would be increased by 15%. During his statement to the Provincial Assembly, the Minister of Finance, Taimoor Saleen Jaghra, informed the assembly of the increases.

The latest reports indicate that a sum equal to 447.90 billion rupees has been set aside for the payment of wages and pensions. Out of this amount, Rs 107 Billion has been set aside for the pensions of government workers. Additionally, the KPK Government has established the risk allowances for those working in the Police Department at the BPS-06-16 level.

During his speech, the Provincial Finance Minister addressed the issue of retirees and informed the audience that the government was in the process of establishing a pension fund. In accordance with the Contributory Pension Scheme, the newly hired workers will now be included in the pension funds as well.

The Minister said that the government would contribute 10% (or 5000 rupees) of a new worker’s pay to the pension fund if that worker’s annual income is 50,000 rupees or more. He claimed that making contributions to the pension fund will be beneficial to the overall economic growth of the province.

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