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Kamyab Pakistan Program good step by Imran khan

The Kamyab Pakistan program (KPP) has been launched by the prime minister of Pakistan. It will facilitate the middle-class community in Pakistan. Rs-1400 Billion has been specified for the vulnerable society in PAKISTAN. This project will be the backbone of our economy said Imran khan.

Kamyab Pakistan Program Manifesto:

Addressing participants of KPP in Islamabad PM Imran khan said we are launching this program late. Our parliamentarian should have started this 74 years ago. Furthermore, our system facilitates only 1st-class (elite-class) communities. Now it’s time to take notice of injustice in lower-income communities.

Moreover, This program will focus on the vulnerable society’s needs. It will create equal opportunities for all communities living in PAKISTAN. After the Kamyab Pakistan Program started Here is a list of manifests of the Kamyab Pakistan program.

  • Housing projects
  • Skill development
  • Interest-free loans for the new and old business
  • Health cards also
  • Agriculture subsidies and facilitation
  • Study loans for the needy students
  • Foreign Scholarships

Eligibility For KPP:

People with less than 50,000 monthly income will be eligible for the Kamyab Pakistan Program. More than 30 million families will benefit from this program scheme. The people who already have availed of the loan from the Kamyab jawan / Punjab Rozgar scheme are not eligible to apply to the Kamyab Pakistan program.

Prime minister Imran khan also wants to improve the economic situation of every Pakistani. the PTI government is providing loans to poor people. Furthermore, This loan is given to many banks in Pakistan. there is no hard requirement for a loan. The government is providing basic terms and conditions. With this loan, people will be able to live their life easily.

Kamyab jawan program

Earlier, Imran Khan also inaugurated the Successful Youth Program. Under this program, loans have been repaid to many young people and many young people are taking advantage of their loans and setting up their own small businesses. They play a very important role in the economy and this is how Pakistan will develop. This is Imran Khan’s dream.

Not only that, there are many other programs that are running under the successful youth program, but also scholarships are being given to the students. It will also tell you that we have started internship programs. Many are given to the students due to poverty and they are doing their business and their own business by acquiring skills by getting students at the same time small loans have been provided to the farmers from which the farmers By cultivating my land, I am doing a lot of work at night.

Kamyab digital skills programs

At the same time, more programs have started, such as introducing students to digital programs and teaching them digital skills. I am being educated on all the skills that the Students have To be able to highlight you and work according to your skills and the world is using all the latest technology in this world.

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