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Jazz YouTube Packages 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly

This page highlights all of the most recent Jazz YouTube Packages, which include daily, weekly, and monthly validity, along with pricing, subscription, and check code information. Jazz YouTube Packages 2022 Daily, Weekly, Monthly.

Let’s get started with our article for today, and I’ll walk you through all of the different Jazz Warid packages that are available on YouTube alone. Yes! You may now subscribe to the social YouTube offer at a price that is accessible for all prepaid customers, and the offer is available for daily, weekly, and monthly validity.

Jazz YouTube Packages Jazz YouTube Packages 2022 Daily

The Jazz YouTube Packages have been separated into three distinct groups on the basis of their respective levels of authenticity. Because of this, if the validity of each bundle is different from the others, then their prices will also differ in terms of how many YouTube MBs they provide for one day, seven days, and thirty days.

  • Daily Youtube Offer
  • Weekly Youtube Offer
  • Monthly Youtube Offer

Jazz Daily Youtube Offer

The Jazz Daily Youtube deal comes in top place when ranking the bundles in increasing order of price and length of validity. For only 20 rupees, you can get this bundle, which includes 1.5 GB (1500 MBs) of data for social networking sites and YouTube for one day.

In order to activate the 1-day YouTube bundle, you need to phone the *968# number. Because of the many taxes that are applicable to this package, users are required to have twenty rupees in their balance accounts before they may subscribe to this bundle.

Jazz Weekly Youtube Offer

Offer Name:       Weekly Youtube
Data:                  5 GB
Validity:             7 Days
Price:                 PKR 120RS.
Required:          PKR 125
SUB-Code:       *660#
Check Code:    *660*2#

Jazz Monthly Youtube Offer

The last bundle of the day is the Jazz monthly Youtube offer. It is the only bundle to subscribe for 30 days for social app usage.

Offer Name:     Monthly Youtube
Data:                 2 GB
Validity:            30 Days
Price:                PKR 99RS.
Required:         PKR 100
SUB-Code:      *709#
Check Code:    *709*2#

Over the course of more than twenty years, Jazz has introduced a maximum number of recent internet bundles that are exclusive to YouTube. As a result, we are able to declare that the primary goal of Jazz Warid is to link subscribers with various forms of entertainment. Please visit the terms and conditions page if you would like further information on these packages.

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