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Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer Code 2022

Jazz 4G has reduced the price of the Jazz Weekly Super Plus deal by 10%, and it can now be purchased for Rs 269 rather than Rs 299. Yes! Take advantage of this limited-time offer and get a week’s worth of rewards in one convenient package. Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer Code 2022.

When “super” and “plus” are combined, the benefits of this package instantly become more valuable, and the power of the bundle itself is boosted to a higher level. Keep in mind that the following package is considered the backbone for all Jazz 4G all-in-one buckets, so be sure not to forget about it.

Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer Code

It is not uncommon for such types of bundles, which include “Internet MBs, SMS, On + Off Network Minutes,” to come at a premium price. These bundles are referred to as “all-in-one” bundles, and the Jazz SIM subscriber who subscribes to them enjoys more benefits than those who do not. Let’s have a look at the information about the incentives, coupons, and fees for the “super plus” bundle:

Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer

The Jazz Weekly Super Plus Offer costs Rs 269 and includes 12 GB (12000 MBs) of data, 5000 SMS, 5000 On-Net & 80 Off-Network Minutes. This discount brings the total value of the offer to Rs 269.

You will be able to receive all-in-one incentives for a set fee, and these incentives will make your connecting simpler and quicker. Because of this, we strongly advise that our valued site visitors make use of this package rather than subscribing to separate SMS, call, and internet service plans.

Integrated Package for the Entire Week

The Jazz Weekly Super Plus offer’s full specifications, including all applicable incentives, codes, and fees, are detailed below. We have also included below the many techniques that may be used to check the remaining SMS, MBs, or Minutes that are included in this subscription.

Offer Name: Super Plus

MBs:12000 (12GB)


Jazz Minutes:5000

Other Minutes:80

Validity:7 Days

PriceRs 269


Check Code:*505*2#

10% Off (Discount)

At the time when the Super Plus Bucket was first made available, its starting price was set at 299 Indian Rupees. However, the public exhibited interest in this bundle owing to the wonderful mix of several kinds of incentives that it offered. The network has decided to provide a unique discount in light of the “growth rate of package members,” which has been taken into consideration. Now you can get it for 10 percent less, which brings the price down to Rs 269 each piece.

Code for Subscriptions

Essentially, Jazz 4G has begun offering a unique info code for customers who purchase this package. Simply dial *505*3# to get all of the information you want for the weekly plus bucket. The cost of dialing is not incurred while following the code. Here you may learn more about the monthly Rs 100 Call Package that Jazz offers.

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