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Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer Code, Price & Details

Dial *770# to activate the Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer and get 6 gigabytes of internet, 1500 Jazz minutes, 1500 SMS, and 60 minutes of use on other networks for only Rs 239/- Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer Code, Price & Details.

2022 will be known as the year of new packages, and all data communication networks will have new packages available to boost their overall market worth. As a result of this circumstance, Pakistan’s most popular mobile network, Mobilink Jazz, has introduced an all-new ideal package for its customer base. You may try it out for free for a week if you subscribe to it.

The Jazz has split the time of the utilization of the 6 GB of data into two sections here. Yes! With a total of 6 gigabytes of data, three gigabytes will be active continuously for seven days, while the other three gigabytes will be active from two in the morning until two in the afternoon each day.

Jazz Weekly Super Duper Offer

Get 6 gigabytes of the fastest 4G internet together with 1500 minutes to be used on the Jazz network, 1500 text messages, and a unique 60 minutes to use on other networks. Only PKR 239 is required to purchase this comprehensive deal (Incl. Tax).

The validity of the bundle is seven days, and it will expire exactly one week from the time that it was subscribed to in the exact same manner. In addition, half of the data in this bucket will be accessible for a predetermined period of time beginning at 2:00 AM and ending at 2:00 PM.

Package Details

  • Package Name: Super-Duper
  • Data:   6 GB
  • SMS:  1500
  • Jazz Mints:  1500
  • Off-Net:   60
  • Price:      Rs 239
  • Recharge Req: Rs 250
  • Validity:7 Days
  • SUB-Code:*770#
  • Check Code:*770*2#

Sign up for the 7-Day Super Duper here!

Because the initial cost of this package is 239 rupees, the subscriber’s account has to have more than 250 Pakistani rupees in it (Incl. Tax). After you have obtained the minimum needed amount, use your Jazz SIM card to call *770#. Done! You have successfully subscribed to this package, and you can now relax and take advantage of the complimentary calls, SMS, and data for the next week.

A Comprehensive Look at the Offering

This package is a comprehensive solution that caters to all kinds of consumers. Because of this, if you want to use the internet, all you need to do is subscribe to this package, and you’ll have easy access to the internet whenever you want it. Streaming media, maintaining online relationships, and playing online games online can all be done with 6000 MBs for a week.

Maintain Your Connection With Both On-Net and Off-Net Minutes

Subscribers to this plan will get 1,500 minutes to use the network, which is sufficient for the average worker to maintain their online presence for seven full days of work. Because they are giving away 60 minutes for use on networks other than their own, the bundle also allows its customers to make calls to numbers that are associated with other networks.

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