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Jazz Weekly Plus Sale 190 Code

With the most recent Jazz Weekly Plus Sale Offer, you may get 10 GB (10 000 MBs) of data for your 3G/4G mobile. As a result of the notoriety that Jazz has received, there is now a unique discount available for subscribers. Jazz Weekly Plus Sale 190 Code.

Do you want to get 10 GB of data for a period of one week at a price that is more affordable? Your response will undoubtedly be yes, won’t it? Then, here is where you can get the greatest weekly package that offers the most affordable prices for the fastest Jazz internet.

These days, getting access to the internet may be somewhat challenging. All of this is a direct result of the imposition of significant new levies on the internet. But Jazz 4G has always been available in packages that are user-friendly. Users of the Jazz SIM may now take advantage of a brand new 7-day data bundle that has been made available. Let’s take a quick look at the bonuses, promotions, and pricing that come with bundled purchases.

Jazz Weekly Plus Sale

The price of Jazz Weekly Plus has been decreased by 20 percent accordingly as a result of the adoption of a special discount or promotion. At this time, the Jazz Weekly Plus Internet Package, which costs Rs 190, is available for activation. In addition to that, the network offers a customized timing service for one-half of the data.

Users will get access to 5 GB of data (enough for 24 hours straight) for a period of one week. On the other side, the five gigabytes of unused data (half) will only be accessible from two in the morning to two in the afternoon.

10GB Offer Code

To activate this bundle dial *157# and get the marvelous chance to use a huge amount of 10,000 MBs in Rs 190 only. Here are the complete details with step by step guide:


Offer Name: Weekly Plus
Data: 10GB
5GB Timing: Weekly 24 Hours
5GB Timing:  2 AM – 2 PM
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 190
SUB-Code: *157#
Check Code: Jazz App

Unique Timing

The unique timing of these articles is the primary selling point of “Weekly Plus,” and it is what draws in new subscribers. Because of the unusual time, this bundle has become so well-known that users of both 3G and 4G prefer to activate it. The activation of bundles is a simple process, and you can use either the code approach or the app way to activate this bucket.

10000 MBs in 190

To get access to such a substantial number of internet megabytes for a whole week for the price of 190 seems like something out of a dream. But you have no choice but to believe this to be true since thousands of Jazz 3G and 4G customers are active on social media and have internet access thanks to a package costing 190 rupees. The Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer, along with its price and promotional code, is detailed in its entirety below.

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