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Jazz Weekly Mega Offer code and details

The Jazz Weekly Mega 10GB Offer, which includes compatibility for 3G and 4G protocols, is now available for 330 rupees. Simply dial *159# to activate “weekly mega,” and then you’ll be able to take part in nonstop gaming, networking, and video streaming. Jazz Weekly Mega Offer code and details.

Jazz Weekly Mega Offer code and details

It is really difficult to get reasonably priced internet with a validity of seven days these days. In these modern times, when all networks are delivering 3G/4G internet at great speeds, Jazz 4G is operating in the other direction. Yes! This network offers the fastest internet speed of any of the others, and its package pricing is also more reasonable than that of the others.

Due to the recent debut of the Jazz Weekly Mega bundle, many consumers are only now learning about the information that is available regarding this package. It is believed to be the most affordable internet package that has ever been made available by the government. On the other hand, we have provided you with a comprehensive description of it, including MBs, Price, and the validity of the Bundle.

Jazz Weekly Mega Bucket Jazz Weekly Mega Offer code and details

Simply dial *159# to begin using the Jazz Weekly Mega Package, which will cost you 330 rupees. The amount of monthly MBs included in this package is the most crucial detail to take into consideration here. The following plan, in its most basic form, will come with 8 gigabytes of internet space, with a small divide of 1 gigabyte of WhatsApp data from the overall data.

Jazz Weekly Mega Offer code and details

The availability of internet access unrestricted by time constraints is nothing short of a gift. Within the confines of this plan, the user will have unrestricted access to the internet’s megabyte capacity at any time. Therefore, make continuous utilization of 10 GB within the constrained period of one week

Here we have given the incentives & actual price as well as the account balance requirement for the Jazz Weekly Mega Package. Always remember that the following MBs work on both 3G & 4G devices.

Jazz Weekly Mega Bucket details

Offer Name: Weekly Mega
Total MBs: 10000
WhatsApp MBs: 1000
Validity: 7 Days
Price: Rs 330
SUB-Code: *159#
Check Code: *159*2#

Additional Fee

The price of a membership to Weekly Mega was originally set at Rs 330. However, keep in mind that this pricing is limited to certain cities in the United States. Subscribers living in federal territory regions of Pakistan, such as Gwadar and Turbat, would be required to pay 345 rupees too to activate this package. The actions necessary to delete your Jazz Cash account are outlined below for your convenience.

Essential Points

  1. This is a prepaid offer
  2. Internet package has fixed MBs
  3. No additional MBs will be added after the sub
  4. Rs 220 includes all types of taxes and duties
  5. You can subscribe through code & Jazz World Ap
  6. Get more details about this package from the official link

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