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Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package Offer 2022

Simply dial *407# to activate the Jazz Weekly Hybrid Offer, which grants you 1 GB of 3G/4G data, 1,000 SMS messages, 1,000 Jazz minutes, and 30 additional minutes for the price of Rs 140 for the week. This package is good for one full week, and there are no time restrictions on the SMS, MBs, or Minutes that come with it. Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package Offer 2022.

Jazz Weekly Hybrid Package Offer 

We are well aware that hybrids refer to those types of packages that supply all of the benefits in a single package. Because of this, once a hybrid bundle subscription has been purchased, there is no longer any need to also subscribe to any other buckets.

We are here now to provide you with a brand-new and currently fashionable hybrid bundle that will offer Jazz rewards including all accessible sources at a price that is reasonable to you. Let’s have a look at the specifics of the bundle:

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Presenting the Jazz Weekly Hybrid Deal

On prepaid Jazz 4G, it is now simple to get internet megabytes, text messages, and calling minutes. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stay connected thanks to the recent release of the most recent Jazz Hybrid Bucket for a period of seven days.

The hybrid bundle offers a set number of calling incentives, keeping the user’s balance consistent even as they consume their allotment of weekly minutes and text messages. On the other hand, many people believe that the 3G/4G MBs are the most valuable component of this bundle.

7 Days Worth of Rewards

The list of 7 days’ worth of incentives, complete with price, code, and check code, may be seen below. In addition to that, the code to unsubscribe from the package is included in this list.

Offer Name Jazz Hybrid
MBs 1000
SMS 1000
Jazz Minutes 1000
Other Minutes 30
Validity 7 Days
Price Rs 140
SUB-Code *407#
Check Code *407*2#
Un-SUB Code *407*4#

Hybrid Bucket Info

All of the essential facts about incentives for hybrid vehicles are shown above. In the following bucket, subscribers who are interested in learning more about this package may do so by dialing *407*3#. Follow this link for further information on the Jazz TV Packages that are available this year.

Relax for the Next Week.

Always keep in mind that once the “weekly hybrid” bucket has been activated, it will continue to deliver “calmness and relaxation” for an entire week. Once you have activated it, you will have access to 4G streaming of Jazz for one week. You will get thirty minutes if you are connected to Zong, Ufone, or Telenor in addition to the original network. As a result, it is the most advantageous deal for you.

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