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Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022

Now for only PKR 10, you may access 1 gigabyte (3g/4g) of data for one hour. Simply dial *638# to subscribe to the Jazz Super Ghanta Offer, and you will get free 4G internet access for one hour. Following are the package codes, information, and prices that we have provided.Jazz Super Ghanta Offer 2022.

This deal is accessible throughout the clock, however owing to a policy of the firm, subscribers are required to charge twice the normal amount from six in the evening until ten at night. That amounts to a charge of Rs. 12 per hour between the hours of 6 and 10. This is the ideal package for those users who wish to save money while still taking advantage of super-fast 4G internet for the next 60 minutes.

A great number of Jazz users look for packages that include daily internet, hourly internet, and one hour of internet access. Because of this, Mobilink has introduced this super ghanta data bundle, which, if you purchase it, would allow you to access the internet at the highest possible speed for a period of sixty minutes. The cost of this package has been predetermined, and there are no extra expenses that have been omitted from the price.

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer Details

In this section, we have constructed a thorough table that includes information on this table.

Offer Details:

Package Name: Super Ghanta
Data: 1 GB
Price: PKR 10
Price: PKR 12 Between
(6 PM-10 PM)
Validity: 1 Hour
Availability: 24/7
Type: 2G/3G/4G
SUB-Code: *638#
Status: *638*2#

Jazz Super Ghanta Offer

On a regular basis, a lot of individuals use search engines to look for internet packages that only last one hour. They see other packages that include calls and SMS before them, and they have to pay more money only for the internet. However, since they just require the internet, they don’t make use of the other perks (calls and SMS), which are included in the other packages. In light of this, please see below an offer for a pure net plan that is compatible with all 2G/3G/4G devices. This year, let’s make the most of the fastest 4G internet that Mobilink has to offer.

Enjoy 4G Internet

For the next one hour (60 minutes), you may get this package for only 9 rupees, which gives you the ability to download, upload, make video calls, chat, browse, and stream videos. This is the most affordable internet plan that any Pakistani telecommunications company has ever made available to its customers.

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