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jazz Ramadan offer 2022 free internet

As you know the month of Ramadan is about to start and with this, in mind, many telecom companies offer good packages to their customers. There are many Islamic things in Ramadan and recitation of the Qur’an and many more that can be found on the internet.

Pakistan’s best company Mobilink Network has launched a packet called Ramadan Package. Can be used from Sehri to Iftar. It costs only four rupees

How to subscribe

The method of this offer is easy to subscribe to. You can get this offer by simply dialing *114*14#.

The total MB is 100 MB

Price is Rs.4

Timing 4 AM to 6 pm

Ramadan offer 2022 more datail

Keep in mind that these data offers are for one day only. If you cannot finish your data within one day, then your data will be lost by 6 pm. Then in the morning, you will have to reactivate it. You have to do it and you can do it only at the time given to you.

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