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Jazz Other Network Call Packages 2022

This page will provide you with information on Jazz Other Network Call Packages that have daily, weekly, or monthly validity, along with their price and code. These bundles have been put together for Jazz SIM customers who often use their phones to communicate across other networks. Jazz Other Network Call Packages 2022.

You are extremely familiar with the fact that in Pakistan the 5 telecom network is operational. Jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone, and Telenor are among the networks that fall under this category. As a result, the Jazz 4G has only lately introduced one-day, seven-day, and thirty-day call packages for other networks.

Jazz Other Network Call Packages 2022

The price of calling bundles offered by other networks (off-net) is always higher than the price of calling buckets offered by the same network. This is due to variations in the networks themselves, although Jazz is the only network in Pakistan that offers off-network call packages at prices that are within reasonable budgets.

Jazz Other Network Call Packages

Jazz is searched for by people. Mobilink now has three different deals for off-network calling: one day, seven days, and thirty days. As a result, we have segmented the off-network buckets into three distinct groups based on the validity difference. The description of each package, together with its code, as well as its minutes, megabytes, and text messages, may be seen here.

Keep in mind that all of these call deals are intended for prepaid subscribers and already include any applicable taxes.

Daily Minutes Away From the Net (1 Day)
Off-the-Air Minutes Every Week (7 Days)
Monthly Minutes Spent Off-Net (30 Days)

In the tables that follow, we have provided you with information on each plan, including its pricing, its code, its off-network minutes, and any additional incentives (SMS + internet). They are also provided with a brief explanation of each bucket so that they may make an informed decision.

Daily Other Network Call Packages

Simply dial *558# to claim your free time bonus (Jazz, Zong, Ufone, Telenor & Warid). The customer will also get 500 SMS, 500 Jazz minutes, and 500 MB of internet space at no additional cost. These rewards will only be effective for one day (daily offer). The official price of this bucket, which includes tax, is thirty rupees.

  • Offer Name: Super Plus
  • MB:500
  • SMS:500
  • Jazz Minutes:500
  • Other Minutes:5
  • Validity:1 Day
  • Price: Rs 30
  • Code:*558#

Weekly Off-Net Minutes (7 Days)

In Jazz 4G, customers may choose from a total of twelve different bundles that each include weekly off-network minutes. Fixed pricing is offered for SMS, Jazz Minutes, and MBs when purchasing one of these buckets. Therefore, in order to make the most of your time, you may subscribe to any bucket that is included on this list. Let’s take a look at each weekly bucket as well as the information about the code and the rewards.

30 Off-Net Minutes

Dial *476# and receive 30 minutes for other networks with 7 days validity. You will also get 600 SMS, 600 on-network minutes, and 6GB of internet for Rs 50.

25 Off-Net Minutes

  • Offer Name: Super Hybrid
  • MB:2500
  • SMS:2500
  • Jazz Minutes:2500
  • Other Minutes:25
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price: Rs 64
  • Code:*565#

30 Minutes for Rs 80

Offer Name: Chenab Offer

  • MB:8000
  • SMS:600
  • Jazz Minutes:600
  • Other Minutes:30
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price: Rs 80
  • Code:*664#

20 Minutes for Rs 120

  • Offer Name: Hybrid Bucket
  • MB:1000
  • SMS:1000
  • Jazz Minutes:1000
  • Other Minutes:20
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price:Rs 120
  • Code:*407#

50 Off-Net Minutes

  • Offer Name: Haftawar Offer
  • MB:1000
  • SMS:1000
  • Jazz Minutes:1000
  • Other Minutes:50
  • Validity:7 Days
  • Price: Rs 120
  • Code:*747#

75 Minutes for Rs 165

For Peshawar and Chakwal city only the Jazz will provide 75 other network minutes for Rs 165. For bundle subscription dial *109# code.

50 Minutes in Rs 169

Now at the recharge of Rs 169, you will receive 50 other network minutes. Here is what you have to do for this marvelous weekly bucket. *117*47#

60 Minutes for Rs 170

Get 60 minutes in 170 rupees for 7 days by dialing *700# and enjoy unlimited calls with 1 hour minutes for off-networks.

60 Off-Net Minutes

Subscribe to super-duper by dialing *770# and receive 60 (Zong, Ufone, Warid & Telenor) minutes. Here are the basic details:

50 Other Net Minutes

Sindh Haftawar’s offer provides 50 minutes for other SIM cards. But the price is more than the previous one. Here are incentives & code:

70 Other Net Minutes

A weekly super plus is the second last bucket having 70 off-network minutes at an affordable price of Rs 260. Subscribe code is *505# respectively.

80 Off-Net Minutes

This is the highest minutes providing bucket by Jazz for other networks. Yes! On weekly basis, you only have this bucket that provides 80 minutes for other networks. In addition, the price is quite more than the previous buckets. This package comes in Rs 327 but other incentives are also massive in amount.

Monthly Off-Net Minutes (30 Days)

It’s time to describe Jazz Monthly Other Network Call Packages. Numerically there are 9 monthly Jazz buckets that come with off-net minutes. We have described (price & code) each of them according to ascending price order below. Get details about Jazz Double Number Service from here.

30 Other Network Minutes

Rs 109 Monthly Bachat offer provides 30 minutes for all networks. However, its price is far more than other buckets. The reason is its (hybrid) nature and 30 days validity.

200 Off-Net (DG Khan)

This package is only for DG Khan and its nearest regions. It makes you enable to use 200 minutes for off-net SIM cards.

200 Off-Net (Shahdadkot)

These minutes are for Shahdadkot Jazz SIM users only. If you live in this area then activate this monthly bucket for Rs 320. *873#

150 Off-Net Minutes

With the combination of 10GB, 5000 SMS + Jazz minutes this bundle makes the user eligible to call on other SIM networks for 150 minutes.  *529#

How To Check Other Network Minutes?

When we think of subscribing to any of these packages, even if they are the best and most economical available, a number of different strategies spring to mind for checking out the available incentives. Yes! You may check your incentives by calling *2# at the end of your subscription code, or you can download one “Jazz App” to check your MB, Minutes, and SMS all at the same time. From this page, you may get information about the Jazz Monthly SMS Package for 30 Rupees.

The My Jazz App gives users the ability to check other Network Minutes as well. As a result, this is the most effective way to find out how many minutes are still available without having to pay any money.

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